I went to the council gym last night for spin class… whoa, I’d forgotten what a real spin class is like. At Fitness First, I swear they ‘dumb down’ the spinning to make it more accessible so I’m used to things being cruisy, and I know you can work at your own level during spin, but this class last night was full on. No taking time out for recovery between tracks and leisurely toweling down and sipping water. The whole time we either sprinted or climbed.

The instructor played a doof tape – normally I hate doof with a passion (and would, if I legally could, shoot every single person blaring doof out their subwoofters while they wait at the lights outside our house at 2 am) – but it worked so well in this class. Instead of being distracted by some disco track, it was like having a constant background rhythm.

I ended up sweating bucketloads. Wooo-eee! I loved it. I’ll definitely be going back.

Has anyone heard of Ergo? They also run Ergo classes so I asked about them, apparently it’s like a longer spin class but with a whole different feel. I’m going to try it out.

Tonight I had to do a 5 km run as part of my program from my coach – have I mentioned how much I love having a running coach? It rocks having this new focused approach to running. Anyway, since it was damn hot here today I waited for the cool change, and waited and waited. In the end I decided I’d go over to Albert Park hoping for a cool breeze off the water. It was dark by the time I got there but I figured the track would be well lit. I figured wrong – it’s lit in places but other bits were dark and scary!


You know what sucks about my life? I seem to have less time to do anything now than I did when I was working. What’s with that shit?


My veins have been sticking out tonight. I think it could be caused by dehydration. I’m drinking lots of water, just in case. But maybe I’ve been pumping too much iron and am getting freaky, weight lifting veins. Yikes!


Tomorrow is market day. I want to get some stuff to make yummy salads, something more adventurous than lettuce and tomatoes. I might go hunting for some ideas.

8 responses to “Spinning

  1. It’s the heat – your veins dilate and stick out when it’s hot. It’s your poor body’s pathetic attempt at cooling itself.

    Go stand in the cold room at the bottle shop with all the beer for a while and they’ll shrink again.

  2. Nope – that cool change never came but well done on the exercise and the spin class. Sorry, cant help with Ergo.

    I’m a bit like u with salads. Everyday I have a lebanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes and some lettuce leaves. BUT today I have also got a couple of mushrooms and a yellow chilli and I’m going to chuck in some tuna.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi there, great blog! I have just started running, and have to ask – where do you find a running coach? I really love the idea – I can run for about 1km in the gym (Can you tell I’m just a beginner? lol!) but once I get outside, I just can’t seem to do it! And I having been trying to get up the courage to do a spin class – do you have to be hyper fit to last? crankybee…

  4. Hey, thanks for your advice! I posted a reply on my blog, then thought “she may never see it!” so here’s a cut and paste version! I think I am nearly game enough to try spinning, and I think the outdoor running thing is all in my head…at the gym, I can run while distracting myself by gazing at the TV and ignore what I’m doing – kind of “Up there for thinking, down there for dancing”. But outside, I have to watch where I’m going and crazy stuff like that! I am guilty of doing a mild crazy run on the treadmill, imagining I am in Gwen Stefani film clip. I have hummed very loudly too. Probably sang too. But I don’t care – no-one knows me! Although after the yell at myself, I unfortunately did see my boy Chops laughing at me and he was rowing away…cheeky git! Will investigate the couch to 5k program…and thanks again!

  5. It’s roasting hot here today, not nice. What is it that you’re doing with your spare time then? I hope you’re writing!!

  6. Man, you are a glutton for punishment Kathryn. You put me to major shame in regards to working out. I think you are making me want to run now too and I am NOT a runner LOL.

  7. The Spin classes sound pretty full on which is what we want isnt it, Yikes??!

    Albert Park would be spooky at night. I don’t think I would be game to run down there at night even if I was with someone.

    You gotta love the summer salads….good-bye pesky 3.5kgs :-)!!!

    See you at SiS2 Kathryn 🙂

  8. It’s so good to see you still into it after dropping the gym membership

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