Arrrgghhh… not so much happiness with my KMart purchases. The dumbbell set only contains one dumbbell. I never thought to check it, I just assumed a dumbbell set would be a pair! Still it has it’s uses.

As for the fitball, there are parts missing to the footpump so I have to take it back. It’s damn frustrating. I tried to put it together but it says to use the red nozzle to inflate and there is no nozzle!


6 responses to “Stuff

  1. That really sucks, I would be writing a letter. Hope you’ve had a good weekend otherwise.

  2. 1 Dumbell? That has to be a mistake! What use is 1? Idiots/

  3. That really sucks hope you can replace them soon.

  4. I’m seriously considering getting a dumbbell set*. Since most of the exercises I do with dumbbells involve me supporting myself with one arm while I move the other (like bent-over rows and tricep extensions) I’d be able to do most of them with just one… hope you’re managing to work out what you’re going to do.

    *Mind you, this plan was formulated at least six months ago, and has not happened.

  5. One dumbell? Mmm, and missing parts hey. I bought some gym gear from there a while back and had a bad experience but I thought it was only me!

  6. Bugger!!

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