Fat and Tired!

I had a huge night last night – a benefit gig for music legend, Ian Rilen, including Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers, Don Walker and the Beasts of Bourbon in one massive night of entertainment. We didn’t know Paul Kelly was playing until we got there so he was thrown in for free like a melodic set of steak knives.

I drank more beers than I intended but had the most fab night o’ rock!

Then this morning I had to get up at the crack of dawn (well after staying out to all hours, 9 am felt like the crack) to go to the market. I had a junk food breakfast – Friday is free day after all – and did my food shopping. Then we headed to the shopping centre to do other shopping. I tried on some more short shorts – red and white gingham ones – cute but not $30 worth of cute, so I put them back.

I finally got to Kmart to buy my exercise stuff – ended up with a new set of adjustable dumbbells, a new fitball and the high impact flooring. The flooring works well – I put it together and have it under my mat. I think it will be brilliant for yoga, as well as doing weights. I can prolly even do some skipping inside! I haven’t tried pumping up the fitball yet or played with the weights.

I feel like a really Sporty Spice with my room full of exercise gear, but then that might be because we watched Spiceworld this week (what a great movie).

Oh yeah, and we had pretzels. If you ever go to a shopping centre with Pretzel World, try it out. They are low in calories (well for shopping centre food) and so delish. I didn’t need to eat anything else after my pizza breakfast, but couldn’t resist so I shared one with my sister.

After shopping, Andrew and I went for a run. Woohoo! I’ve finally got my boy running. We went to Edwardes Park in Reservior which has a 1.5 km running track. Great for a first run because you can do a lap fairly easily plus it has 100 metre markers. Andrew ran about 500 metres then took a walk break. After he walked a while, I suggested doing 100 metre run, 100 metre walk for the rest. That would have been sensible except Andrew decided the run section should be a race! I could barely keep up with him, then he’d walk so slow for the next bit because he’d be buggered.

Damn fool kid. I tried to talk sense into him but he reckons it better to run fast for the running bit so you get over it faster! He didn’t join me for a second lap though – so I told him we’d go back Sunday.

I learnt a valuable lesson today – junk food breakfast + run = not good. I don’t think I’ve ever had indigestion or heart burn before because my sister had to explain that’s what my symptoms meant. The pizza and coffee and pretzel and diet coke all slooshed up in my belly!

On the way home, we called into NQR (food clearance outlet) and did some more shopping. When I got home, I realised I had to carry all the stuff inside. The 10kg weights set was least of my worries compared to all the food. Sometimes I wish I had off street parking. Ah, what luxury. My housemate has two old station wagons filled with crap that he parks outside the house. He has another car he drives, those ones are just like storage! We can never park anywhere near our house.

Now I feel all tired from running around all dayand fat from eating junk food. I’m still hovering between 70 – 71 kgs although my eating seems to be be better this week – I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been more relaxed about it or because I’ve discovered tuna and corn thins for a delish and very low cal lunch.

One thing I’m changing this week is much less eating out. It’s too easy to pop down the street for lunch or coffee but it’s too expensive and too easy to overeat. The other day I had what looked like a ‘sensible’ lunch but when I got home and worked it out, it was around 800 calories! So we are setting up a nice eating area on our back deck and having lunch there when it’s sunny.

I have to be up at the crack of dawn again tomorrow because I’m meeting Simon for a run at 8.00 am. Why did I agree to that? I’m a crazy fool. Still it will be good to get it out of the way early.

Oh yeah – one last thing – I did a step class last night. By accident! I’d not exercised all day and felt fat and lazy but you can’t run everyday and I’d had to spend hours of my life taking my sister to Centrelink so, a couple of hours before I went out, I checked the timetable for the local gym. They had Spin on at 6.30. Perfect. Except when I got there, the spin room was in mid-renovation!

The reception girl talked me into doing step instead. I didn’t feel like I got much of a workout, maybe because the instructor made me have a very low step and do the low impact versions. The class was packed and the girl beside me got very territorial – she kept moving her step over, boxing me in. Half the time, I just made up my own routine because I had no idea what we were supposed to do. I tried copying the woman in front of me but have found the one and only person in the world more un-co than me! At least I had the excuse of being new!

But I got through it and have tried something new.


9 responses to “Fat and Tired!

  1. I hate “the step class”. I’m guaranteed to be more unco than you. Then again my step instructor fell off her step and broke her ankle. Now thats unco. I’m in an unco class let by an unco. Step is a foolish class anyways, it was devised to make us all feel fooliosh

  2. I can do the step warm up…and that is about it. I look like something from a very bad Mr Bean episode.

    Citris juice on an empty stomach for running is not a good idea either 🙂

  3. Ugh, eating out and drinking are my big “no-no’s” of the season. I know how I get around the holidays so I have set restrictions just until January.

    Good for you for being Sporty Spice!

  4. I used to do step class, i’m un-co too and I just couldn’t get it. Good on you for doing your own thing though, i’m not even co-ordinated enough to work that out!!
    Lunch on the deck sounds great.

  5. Oh man, Spiceworld! I love that movie! I’ve been looking for it everywhere, but apparently no one in the south-east suburbs understands the undeniable equation of spice girls + film = GOLD.

  6. mmmm yum, tuna on cornthins… gonna start eating that tomorrow!

  7. Step classes – Aargh! I hate them with a passion, and I’m a fitness instructor/personal trainer. Hey, not all of us are graceful, co-ordinated… or can even make our legs and arms do stuff at the same time.

    Oh well, I CAN hold a plank for 4 minutes. You just have to find your own special talent. 😀

  8. What is it with classes and woman getting all stroppy about their space?

    That’s one of the reasons I’m not keen on classes. The other is if I can’t get the steps then I just get annoyed and feel like I’m not getting a decenent enough work out.

    At least you gave it a shot though.

  9. Sounds like a great night and damn, what a fine selection! Great to hear about the Kmart gear too, it’s nice when it’s cheap because gym gear can be so expensive. LOL Dan used to be addicted to Pretzels but not the low fat ones, he went for the sweet one. I love the mexicana, yum. And how about your boy and you running! How cool is that 🙂

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