I normally track my calories on the Calorie King site and, for the past few weeks (0r more), I go over my calorie limit every day. This causes me much angst and suffering. Every day I feel like a big, lardy failure so my whole focus is on not eating then that makes me eatmore. It’s a pressure cooker, folks.

So today I decided – bugger this. And now have a maintaining profile instead of a weight loss one. I can eat over 2,000 calories a day! Woohoo. So instead of pigging out, I’ve not felt like eating. It’s all mind games, isn’t it?

I’ve had a great day today. Last week was my first week off work and I spent it running around doing shit. Well this week the running around has stopped. I’m concentrating on the important stuff – writing and exercise. I did well on both fronts – getting a whole chapter finished and running 10ks. I’m well pleased with that effort.

Tomorrow I have a few things on, like my writing class, but I’m planning to do some yoga plus a 5k run.

Oh yeah, the Coles yoga dvd. I did it last night and it’s a tough workout. Well for me it’s tough. You folk are prolly much more flexible than me, cos I’m like one of those cheap knock-off Barbie dolls. You know, the ones who’s limbs don’t move. It’s a good basic yoga workout and I reckon it would be good for any level. It might be a bit hard to follow if you’d never done a yoga class before because they use some weird camera angles.

It mainly concentrates on mat work. I really must get a yoga mat because my floor mat kept slipping around, making the downward dogs a bit risky. It doesn’t do any of that standing on one foot stuff (I have no idea of the technical name for that stuff). The last fifteen minutes are all stretches.

I was rather stuffed by the end of it which is a good sign.

The only thing I didn’t like is the introduction by Lisa McCune at the start of the dvd. I’m going to have to check I can skip it because it comes up before the menu and I can imagine it would get tired really quickly. Still for $7.95, it’s worth the money. I haven’t tried the pilates class yet and it comes with a cd that has recipes, training plans etc but they are all in pdf format which really bugged me. Damn cheapskates, just didn’t want to print a booklet to go with it.


8 responses to “Maintaining

  1. I was wondering how you went with that DVD, I saw it at Coles yesterday and was tempted to buy it. I think I will go and buy it now that you’ve given it a rate. Although I have absolutely NO idea what the hell a downward dog is, i’ve never done yoga. Might need a few pointers!
    Well done on getting another chapter written.
    Have a great week. I miss you emails!

  2. (oops that was obviously supposed to be miss ‘your’ emails). Geezarse, I carnt spel – marst bee to layte at nyte fer mee – soree. Marst goh too bedd narw. Nytee nyte!! hehe and NO I haven’t been drinking.

  3. lisa mccune! mwahahhaa!

    i loved your knock-off barbie analogy.. hilarious 🙂

  4. You’d like to think they didn’t print a booklet to save some trees, but cheapskates is more likely.

  5. well done on al the running, that’s a super effort.

    That dvd downs good for $8, i also need to buy a mat but i saw them at coles on the weekend for $10.

    i’d love to get into Yoga, but like you, i’m a reject shop barbie doll…

    Keep up the great work!

  6. i was thinking of doing the yoga thing. There is this chick at curves who can so some seriously cool stretching at the end and she is as big as me – she said it was all yoga

  7. Man, I’ve been going over my calorie limit too. I was way more strict with WW and I know that angst you’re talking about. I’m still on 1360 cals but I eat way more because of the exercise too.

    Glad to hear you had a great week off! I need one of those. You did really well and you sound really positive too 🙂

    LOL, the Coles workout is probably going to be tough for me too. I still haven’t gotten around to a Coles yet but I will. I am so excited…I did an Amazon shop last night and Yoga Trance Dance and Kundalini Yoga is coming my way. New DVDs and different teachers are great to keep the motivation going. I’ll copy them for you if they’re any good.

    I hope you can skip Lisa McCune!!

  8. In regards to Calorieking, I too am always over my calorie limit. I seem to start off great but by the evening, I am a woman out of control aaaggghhh!
    What’s wrong with Lisa McCune, lol!

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