Sunny Sunday

I’ve had a lovely day. I started off making up my breakfast bircher muesli with some fresh passionfruit from the market. I thought I didn’t like passionfruit but it’s just that fake passionfruit flavouring I hate. I’d forgotten how tart they are – it’s like the food company conspire to make everything we eat either sweet or salty. Personally I like all the flavours of the food rainbow (well except for bitter stuff like chinotto – gross).

I sat out on our back decking and enjoyed the morning sun. Then later my sister and I had a nice cuppa and decided to have a picnic lunch. We headed over to the historic seaport of Williamstown. Lunch was crackers and tuna. My new way to eat fish is the small tins of tuna – I can handle them well. Yummy and lots of protein.

We couldn’t resist the icecream kiosk though. I had a scoop of my favourite – butterscotch. I’d forgotten how magically delicious butterscotch icecream is. The picnic also involved lots of lazing around, checking out hot guys. Well, we tried. Williamstown might be an historic seaport, but it’s not an historic seaport full of hot men, darn it.

Then we went to Borders for coffee and magazine reading.

Now I’m about to try out my new yoga dvd. Coles have launched a program called Healthy Steps and have a dvd with yoga and pilates for $7.95 so I got it to try. I’ll do a review on it later. They were also supposed to have yoga mats but I couldn’t find them.

Last month I posted my exercise goals for September then forgot all about them. Oops. So my October goals are simple:

  • 30-60 mins cardio every day
  • alternate weights and yoga 6 days a week

That’s it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I’m having trouble with my weights. My muscles aren’t sore enough afterwards so I feel like I’m not working hard enough but for the chest presses etc I can’t lift any more weight. I’ll need to get someone to spot me!

Anyway, I’m off to do my yoga then watch the new episode of the Gilmore Girls my sister downloaded.


3 responses to “Sunny Sunday

  1. That does sound like a perfect day. We went to a picnic today too but stupid me forgot the sunscreen and I am so red raw, it hurts! I love real passionfruit and it’s great drizzled on a berry compote with vanilla fruche, mmmm, yum.

    I eat quite a bit of tuna now too for protein. Have you tried the greenseas 98% fat free flavoured ones? I can’t have enough of the tomato & capsicum one.

    I hope the DVD turns out to be a goody. Definitely look forward to your review and your exercise plan sounds ace and very do-able. I wonder about the sore factor with weights. I think your muscles do get used to it to a degree once you break the pain threshold. I get more of a day after feeling when I do new moves in yoga. Then I can really feel it and hardly move. Gotta love that feeling hey.

    Dan loves the Gilmore Girls too. I never really got into it but it’s well written! Enjoy 🙂

  2. sounds like a great day. I have never tried passionfruit, I must give it a try on grocery day. I have been eating quite a bit of tuna and salmon lately too. I love them on my salads as a bit of tasty extra protien. I love the challenge of trying a new exercise dvd.

  3. Yum, I love passionfruit and surprisingly its only been a recent love since I too have been trying to eat rainbow food – the tinned stuff does taste crap!

    I am an extreme tuna lover and can eat it everyday. One thing I like to have for lunch is a toasted sandwhich with a small amount of light cheese, finely chopped red onion and tuna mixed with Pataks Lime Pickle – there can be some heat in that little baby but it does taste delicious and really does give tuna taste a new dimension.

    I am an extreme Gilmore Girls lover. I do have a love hate relationship with Lorelei – she shits me but I can’t stop watching.

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