Rest Day

This weekend has been pretty laid back. I’ve not felt 100% well so it’s good to have a rest. Yesterday I went for a run at Albert Park with my friend Simon. In places the wind was so strong, it felt like running on the treadmill – putting in lots of effort but not getting anywhere.

Today my sister and I have been lazing around watching movies. We got out Eddie and the Cruisers, which used to be my favourite movie. It’s still a good film. Then we watched Gallipoli. That film makes me so sad and angry. I remember we had to go see it when I was in high school and all the way back to school on the bus, us girls bawling our eyes out.

So, I’ve not done a lick of exercise today but I did do some cooking. I made a big pot of mince stuff – was supposed to be a chow mein but ended up quite different, yet delicious. I had no rice so added mexican beans (from a can) and split peas instead. Works for me.

I also made a heap of rissoles to freeze and they didn’t work out so well. Now this is just freaky. I’d added everything except the breadcrumbs and, when I went to get the box of breadcrumbs out of the cupboard, they’d disappeared.

A few times I’ve thought things have gone from my food cupboard but I’ve not been sure. This time however, it’s definitely someone stealing my food. That is so low. I really can’t believe one of my housemates is such scum.

I’m pretty sure I know who did it cos my other housemate was in the kitchen with me when I started cooking and he’s the kind of guy who would have come straight out and said he’d need to use them for something but it’s hard having two housemates cos I feel I can’t just come straight out and accuse one of them.

The really freaky thing is that neither of them cook at all. They might go into the kitchen to heat something up or fry up a steak but that’s about as culinary as it gets. They have no need for breadcrumbs, so why steal them? I’m starting to think that my housemate has mental problems.

I’m going to make a big sign and put it on the inside of the cupboard telling them that I think they are the lowerst form of life on earth. That way no one will see it but the culprit. I’m also going to make an inventory of everything in the cupboard. That’s about all I can do until my friend comes over to help me put in a lock!


11 responses to “Rest Day

  1. Gosh share house living sucks. I remember taking a firm liking to unusual foods so that people didn’t steal them. Share house living is the reason why I drink tomato juice!!

  2. That’s terrible! We have that problem occaisionally at work – someone will take someone else’s lunch or soda or whatever. It’s not often, but when it does happen, you can’t help but look at your coworkers with suspicion! Keep up the great workouts!

  3. ooh just caught up with ur blogs, CONGRATS on beating diabetes, that is so fantastic. Did u get to see the fit man again?

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog – how did you resolve your gallstones? I’m a little freaked out about the possibility of surgery, even thought it’s a fairly easy and uncomplicated one.

    You’re right – it feels SO good to know that I’m in control of my health and that my healthy choices are better than medications!

  5. housemates, sometime they are more trouble than they are worth!

    i’m all for putting the sign up, just let them know you’re onto them.

    i always label my milk at work – in big bold type IT’S NOT YOURS – DON’T USE IT!

    most people have a giggle but i am sure as hell noone wants to pull that sucker out of the fridge and use it out in the open.

  6. I..HATE..thieves! I don’t miss that part of share housing but the parties and constant chatter of new people going in and out, I do miss.

  7. Having your food nicked really sucks, esp when you don’t realise till you are halfway through cooking something and its an essential ingredient.

    my old flatmate used to do that all the time – argh!!!

    now my bf does it, but with him its usually just OJ or cranberry juice that dissapears. the only thing that stops me making is cosmopolitans 🙂

  8. Ohhhhh The thought of housemates makes my skin crawl.. hehe… I live alone with my 2 children and love it.. they spend alot of time at thier fathers house also…
    I have a long term partner but he lives in his own place…So 5 nights out of 7 i get the bed all to myself…
    Stick a big sign in your cupboard to tell them to rack off out of your stuff… even better stick a dirty gr8 padlock on it.. haha…
    or hide thier stuff…
    and congrats on losing all that weight.. sigh… I will get there..we all had to start somewhere i guess…
    Cheers WBS

  9. Hope you are feeling 100% again. I feel for you with the pantry thieves, not really fair is it?

  10. You are a very brave girl running at Albert Park while windy!! I hate running in the wind.
    I meant to post in your blog the other day how great it is about your diabetes :-)!
    House sharing just totally sux when you have to contend with that sort of crap :-(.

  11. That sucks Kathryn – and what a thing to steal, breadcrumbs of all things. Not that I condone it but you would think that you’d take something better like chocolate. There’s not much you can really do with the humble crumb. The signs are a great idea – subtle but they will definitely get the hint!

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