Me.. and some funny stories!

Since I don’t have fancy technology like a digital camera, or even a regular camera, I couldn’t take a pic of me in my new dress so here is an artist’s impression. I wore my stripey stockings today too.

The round circles on my chest are the buttons, not my boobs, just in case you were wondering.

I think it’s a pretty accurate picture cos I look like a kid’s drawing in it.

I have a funny story but it might be TMI for some people so look away now. Tonight I went for a run and half way I really needed to poo. I thought I could wait but had to slow down to a walk and, about half a km from home, realised it got more urgent. I walked past a pub and could see their toilet sign so thought I’d duck in and use it. The bar looked practically empty anyway.

I walked through the bar, looking all sweatily elegant in my running tights and tee-shirt but the toilet sign lead to a corridor and, at the end of the corridor, was a room filled with dressed up families eating dinner. I had to walk right though the middle of them to get to the ladies! It was rather embarassing.

I also have another funny story but look away if you don’t want to hear intimate details of my housemates. The night before last, I was about to go to bed and wanted to use the bathroom. My housemate was in the shower so I waited and waited and waited. I’d almost dozed off when he came out because it took him over half an hour.

I walked into the bathroom and wonder why my housemate had been reading a magazine in the shower – cos I’m pretty naive and unworldy. Then I saw the hardcore porn on the magazine and the lightbulb went on!

I was so tempted to knock on his door and hand him back the magazine, saying, think you forgot something but I didn’t want to touch it!

Now I want to make a sign for the bathroom saying: Please restrict all non-essential bathroom activities to your bedroom as other people need to use it. Or maybe just: Don’t beat off when I need to pee!

At least the handbasin was sparkly clean… and I don’t even want to think about why!


14 responses to “Me.. and some funny stories!

  1. I love your drawing!!

    Ah….the joys of living with others…lol

  2. arrrrrrrrgh no way! that is hilarious. what was the magazine called, incidentally? not that it matters..

    i love that drawing.. very pippi longstocking!

  3. You look beautiful!

    When I wwas 17 and at uni, I was friends with a flat of Irish boys. They were great fun but their flat was putrid. On the back of the loo was a brown folder. I looked in there one day only to find some really hardcore stuff. Nice.

    Shauna – you keep beating me to the comments section. I always seem to see your comment just above me. I’ll get you next time!

  4. I think it looks just like you!
    As for the housemate – why can’t he just do it in his own room (with pleny of tissues!)?

  5. ewwwwwwweeee.. Gotta love fellas!!! That is gross!
    Very funky littel dress!!

  6. You don’t have good luck with pub toilets, do you? Ha!

    And there’s no way I could resist making some sort of joke or snide remark to your housemate.

    (Just goes to prove how easily men can f*ck and run. I bet he didn’t even buy the poor magazine dinner and he clearly didn’t take it back to his bedroom to cuddle.)

  7. OMG you are hilarious, what great stories. Thanks for sharing. BTW I definitely would have said something to the housemate, I can never resist embarrassing people!!
    Happy “Last-day-of-work”!!

  8. haha, i love that drawing! I’m glad you explained about the buttons though πŸ˜‰

    hope to see you at Karaoke!!!

  9. mwahahaha I love it!!! You seem to know when I need a laugh πŸ™‚

    Your picture is so beautiful! I love the dress! Especially the boobs uhm I mean buttons!!!

  10. another sarah ...

    Ewwww, why do men think it’s better to wank in the bathroom? I guess they can clean up after themselves easier but still … yuk, yuk, yuk!

    I like your drawing a lot, looks like a very cute outfit!

  11. that is the cutest pic! eww @ your housemate! i had flatmates that used to shag in the shower, god that was offputting!

  12. Love the dress.. Boys will be boys hey?

  13. Hehe, what a great pic and so you and LOL at your flatmate!! Gosh, I forgot about all that kind of stuff. I used to live with 4 guys in a warehouse with no real walls so yeah, pretty hilarious but uncomfortable at times too πŸ™‚

  14. YOu make me laugh – that was one hilarious post! I started from the gorgeous piccie of you and didn’t stop until I reached the end! Thanks for the best laugh I’ll probably have all day – you definitely crack me up πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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