Weekend O’ Treats

Whoa, I had a big one Friday night. Well all day Friday. We started at the Preston Market at 8 am, buying party favours then wandered around – me in my tiara and my sister in her biker cop helmet. One of our friendly ladies from the gingerbread cookie stall saw us eating our breakfast pizza all dressed up and thought we were year 12 students!

I left work early and went to the gym to prepare my body for the big night ahead – well to burn off the calories I planned to consume. Ten minutes on the cross trainer, spin class, five minutes of rower then a half hour run. My PT trainer set me the challenge of rowing 1000 metres in five minutes and I so nearly did too – only 5 seconds off.

Once I got all de-sweated, I went to the hairdressers and got sexy hair. If you ever need a special do for a night out, I fully recommend Heading Out on Brunswick Street. They do an express curl service – $25 for a quickie style. They also do express updos and straightening as well.

I had some food then come home to get ready. My friends turned up with champers (and gifts – woohoo!). Then we headed to the neighbourhood bar for more drinks and more friends turning up.

Dinner involved more drinks and much debauchery.

After dinner we went into the city and I had many whisky sours – what a great drink, low in calories and high in yum. Still i think I consumed my own body weight in them. We’d planned on karaoke but the karaoke lounge was booked up until midnight so it didn’t happen.

There are some photos of my good hair and other adventures I need to upload.

Yesterday we went to Ceres for bunch – they do the best beetroot relish I’ve ever tasted. Well it’s the only beetroot relish I’ve ever tasted but I bet if I’d tasted many beetroot relishes, it would still be the best.

My sister was down from Sydney so we had drinks last night – champagne cocktails at the Gin Palace. I so love the Gin Palace. I had a very amusing tram ride into the city with my new friends – the drunken 16 year old boys.

This morning I had my fun run – I fell over around the 2 km mark and skinned my hand and knees. The first aid guys came over to render assistance and one of them remembered me from the Mother’s Day run. How embarassing! He told me I was troublemaker and put ouchie saline solution on my wounds and then told me to shut up when it said it hurt. But he was cute so I didn’t slap him.

The worst bit was that I had to sit there watching everyone run past me. I wasn’t running well anyway – too many cocktails and cigarettes this weekend. I did the 8 km in 57 minutes or so but I’m sure I’ll be much faster for the next one esp if I don’t fall over.

Arrgghh – what a boring post. I’m sure there are many funny stories I could be telling of my adventures but my brain is numb and my injured hand hurts when I type.

I think I’ll devote the rest of this week to damage control.


10 responses to “Weekend O’ Treats

  1. You know alcohol works wonders for grazes, sprains AND hangovers! Sorry to hear you fell over, but nice to be looked after by a cute cheeky guy!!
    Hope the rest of your week goes well with the damage control and all.

  2. Thats one way to get the attention of a cute guy πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like you have had an awesome weekend πŸ˜€

  3. ooo i like briony’s devl horns……

    crazy that the guy remembered u & called u a troublemaker! hope the grazes are ok!

    sounds like u had a fun wknd tho πŸ™‚

  4. Im so glad you rocked out on your birthday!

    Ouch @ grazes.

    Ohhh @ cute first aid guy.

    Mmmmm @ Champers & debauchery

    Cha-ching @ express curls

    Booyah @ 5 secs off 1000mtr rowing

  5. Can’t wait to see yr piccies. Sounds like you’ve been having fun since I last checked in. How noice to be confused for a yr 12 chick! Schwing! Beat that ‘fat head’ with a stick until it fits in with yr skinny body!

    Chunky Hayley

  6. Happy (belated) Birthday!

  7. Sounds like a great birthday. Breakfast pizza?? Will have to check out Heading out – thanks for the tip.

  8. healthbites - mary

    YAY for having a great time on your birthday and *ouch* for the grazing. You know how to have a good time! πŸ™‚


  9. Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl! I can’t believe I missed it I’m sorry!

    I trust you are still recovering LOL LOL LOL

    BTW you and fun runs are a dangerous mix it seems

  10. Hey Darl – back to catch up on all your goings-on!

    I’m so sorry I missed your birthday, but by the sounds of it you had a good one! And to run a fun-run the very next day is completely ambitious, wow!

    Isn’t the Gin Palace great!

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