I’m So Vain!

I had planned to write a serious post today but I’m in no serious post writing mood. In less than an hour, I’m having lunch with my BFFs (btw Bri, BFF = best friend forever… I wanna know what you were thinking) who have just moved home from overseas.

I have a new sexay hair colour of much bright coppery redness making me the reddest head in my family but the only not natural one. Tomorrow I’m going to my fav hairdresser as they have an express curling service. Woohoo for express curls. I want Xtina hair – like her current hair not that skanky drrrty hair.

I feel so Dolly even writing that. Hey, did you want to win the Dolly cover girl comp when you were a teenager? I so wanted to win but never sent in my photo cos I was too fat and anyway you’d have to be so up yourself to even think of entering and they’d put your pic in the mag and everyone at school would know! I think my life would have been so different if I’d won the Dolly cover girl comp.

Tomorrow night I’m going out for birthday festivities. Woohoo! Then Saturday night I might be going out with my sister but I’m not sure cos she hasn’t rang me. Sunday is the Spring into Shape fun run.

Now some photos:
I think these jeans make my legs look v thin. I am eating a cookie in this pic but shhhh… don’t tell anyone.

Border’s Cafe

Me and the fruit of my loins outside Melbourne Central. I’m thinner than I thought.

I’ve never had my pic taken with anyone from a band ever before because I’m like totally cool and not at all a fangirl. But there are exceptions to every rule.


19 responses to “I’m So Vain!

  1. Wow! You look amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever had a photo with a band either. I’d sell my right arm for a photo with PJ Harvey but if I ever met her I wouldn’t be able to speak, let alone ask for a photo.

    Melbourne Central looks different to last time I was there. Considering that was probably when I was at RMIT in 2004, I suppose that makes sense πŸ™‚

    (from LITS)

  2. Your legs DO look very thin in those jeans – probably because you ARE thin!

  3. If you’re going to make exceptions, I think you picked the right people to do it for.

    And I agree with Sue, you can only look skinny if, in fact, you are. Welcome to your own party!

  4. Tex is such a spunk!!! It’s been said before but you look thin because you are.

  5. You look so good. Like you have been thin all your life. Really.


  6. You look HOT!

    It isnt trick sots or imagery. You ARE thin. And HOT..

    did I mention you look hot!

    Did you ask Mr Perkins for a birthday snog? *grin*

  7. i love these pics. my god kathryn! you are skinny! you are foxy… you have ARRIVED! phwoar πŸ™‚

  8. OMG Happy Birthday gorgeous girl. You look skinny as in those jeans! You are definitely a legend in my books! Oh and yes I wanted to be a Dolly cover girl. I have photos I took, i’ll try and remember to scan one tonight and send it to you – you will piss yourself laughing! Have a great and fantabulous day oh skinny one!!

  9. healthbites - mary

    You bloody tease! Love the photos girl and ooh, Tex my man, ‘allo. You are looking so bloody good! Now I can’t work out which day is your birthday but I know it was clsoe to mine. I have you have a most fabulous day, week and rest of the year!!


  10. healthbites - mary

    Oi and I wanna go red too this weekend. Something rusty like, we’ll see πŸ™‚

  11. healthbites - mary

    I made lots of mistakes in my last comment but hey, I think you can work it out LOL.

  12. I SO wanted to win the Dolly Covergirl Comp! But never had the nerve to enter. My friend who lived down the road and I did a photo shoot one weekend in Year 8 though. I still have the photos from it. I have very big hair.

    You do look thin in those pictures – and that’s because you ARE! You are looking wonderful.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  13. You are looking great!!!!

    Hope your birthday was wonderful:)

  14. Miss Slimmer Palooza

    Wow you are such a skinny minny! You look fabulous. Be very pround young landy, very proud.

  15. Miss Slimmer Palooza

    Sorry my spelling about is shite* LOL

  16. Miss Slimmer Palooza

    Blimey – still can’t spell!!!
    Third time lucky

  17. another sarah ...

    Belated birthday wishes! Hope you has a great day.

    You look fantastic! And good on ya for meeting Tex and Tim! Tex cracks me up, he’s so cool. Nothing wrong with being a fan girl.

    πŸ™‚ Sarah

  18. reading thr other comments sounds like u had a bday – so happy bday miss!
    U look fantastic – slim and young!!!

  19. Just think – if you had entered the Dolly cover girl competition, and won, you may have beaten Nicole Kidman who did, so you might of had her modelling career, and then her movie career and then you might have married Tom Cruise! So, thank frick’n christ you didn’t enter!! Not entering has saved you from married that t**l πŸ˜‰ See there’s positives everywhere you look!

    You are one skinny-binny! OMG! I’m in total envy of anyone with thin legs – you lucky ducky πŸ™‚

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