Apparently my BFF, Dave, has talents other than being handsome and manly. A whole posse of talents that he’s combined to create his own business – Triffid Communications. One of the biggest guns in his talent arsenal would have to be his awesome cartooning skills. Check out his site and, if you have need of writing stuff or carttoons or other stuff, tell him I sent you!


6 responses to “Daveriffic!

  1. Can he give me great cleavage like yours?

  2. hehe… i like it! 🙂

  3. thanks for your comment on my journal- i’m so with you with ikea shoppers getting in your way! i can’t stand it when people- harmless as they are- just dawdle around shopping.

    What is the gym like at victoria gardens, anyway- it seemed really good from a brochure i picked up once. Do you live in that area?

    Oh, and btw… I loved reading about your drinking session. It is a superhuman effort, in my book, to stop after 2 drinks on a friday night. Theres nothing like drinks out with good friends.

    xx Kristy 🙂

  4. OK so i’m thinking up things that “BFF” could stand for.
    Nice jugs by the way!! hehe

  5. healthbites - mary

    Haha, that is so very cool 🙂

  6. That cartoon is fantastic!

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