Weigh In – 70.3 kg

Still hovering above 70 kgs – arrrrggghhh! I’ll be in the 60s next week for my birthday though and that will rock.

I had something really deep and meaningful to write about but I’ve forgotten what it is – I’m sure I’ll remember eventually. Anyway, today I’m having a rock day – I’m going to see TNT (Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins) tonight – woohoo! But wait, there’s more. I went into JB the other night to get their CD and they’re doing an instore this arvo so I’m going to see them twice. Plus I’m taking my CD back in to get signed. It’s a killer CD so… do yourself a favour…

Tomorrow night will be more rocking – going to see Dave MacCormack šŸ™‚

Just for a digression into a non-weight related rant: I friggin’ hate IRONY! Not real irony but that fake irony, like when people like something daggy but they think they are too cool for school so they say they like it in an ironic way. Own your dagginess, people. Of course, these thoughts hit me as I walked to work this morning, bopping down Brunswick St while listening to Bootylicious on my ipod.

These are some of the bands I’ve seen live with no hint of irony:

  • Hanson Southland car park and my bloody son refused to come along so we couldn’t pretend we were taking him. But then again, every other parent there had kids nagging to leave…(btw have you seen Zack Hanson lately? He’s grown into a hottie, and I feel so dirty saying that).
  • Presidents of the USA
  • Kenny and Dolly. I heart Kenny and Dolly.
  • Bush (for all you youngsters out there, Bush = Gwen Stefani’s husband’s band). I can’t really remember much about them except that when we were walking back to our car, a girl at the back stage door asked the roadie if she could have a water bottle or ‘something that Gavin had touched’. We laughed and called her pathetic. She told us nothing that involved Gavin could be pathetic. We might have wet our pants a little at that stage.
  • Powderfinger – but it was before they become Triple M darlings
  • Madonna – well saying we saw Madonna is kind of an overstatement. When you are sitting in the second last row of the Southern Stand of the MCG, all you see is cloud cover and some passing mountain goats.
  • Kylie. I got forced into this one. My friend Simon bought tickets to EVERY Kylie show – she kept announcing more shows and he’d go buy more tix – but for some crazy reason, he thought he couldn’t get really good seats unless I went with him. In a moment of drunken weakness, I agreed. We sat in the second row. She changed outfits a lot.
  • Foreigner – I won tickets. There was only one original member of the band so really they were like a Foreigner tribute band.
  • That boy band with the dude who was married to Jessica Simpson in it??? When my sister and I produced our community tv show, we got an invitation to a showcase gig for a band – we’d never heard of them but assumed it was some punk band (they had a number in their name). So we went along and it was this boy band. Imagine us and a horde of screaming teens who’d won the radio giveaway! Okay, maybe there is some irony in this one but in an hysterical way.

7 responses to “Weigh In – 70.3 kg

  1. Did you hear the ‘secret’ track on the CD?? Nova played it last week in the adult time of 6.30am. It’s wrong – but right!
    Let me see…. MC Hammer, Salt n’ Peppa, Bobby Brown, I even saw Michael Jackson when he was still black – that was cool! I could go on. Have a fantastic weekend Kathryn.

  2. hey I saw bush when they came to ottawa ontario it was the first consert I tool my now 25 yrs old neice to see. He was hot then and still is I saw them on entertainment tonight its a talk show to dish about the stars. them as in rain and gwen yummy I stopped what I was doing just so I could stare at him…. drools now thinking of him….

  3. i wanna know what love iiiiiiiiis!

    superb stuff kathryn. iron sucks balls. thank you šŸ™‚

  4. You will laugh at my list of bands i’ve seen (not sure whether there was irony involved!).
    Hall and Oates
    Phil Collins
    Joshua Kaddison
    Robert Cray
    John Denver (OMG!! I can’t believe i’m admitting to that one)
    Robertson Brothers
    James Taylor
    Bryan Adams (twice)
    Rolling Stones (this effing rocked)
    Still to come
    Billy Joel
    The Wiggles!! hehe
    Hope you’re having a great weekend, it’s pissing down here and I couldn’t go on my bloody fun run dammit.

  5. No “Still to Come” is NOT a band!! hahahahaha

  6. I’ve never seen a band play live, but I do like to hear ‘Live’ play. Is that irony?

  7. Wow Kathryn – I’m so behind in my blog reading and you’ve written the equivalent of a novel since my last comment! LOL Expect a ton of comments from me all afternoon as I make my way through them all between patients at work!

    BTW, how much did I laugh about you wanting to drag your son along as a cover for seeing Hanson!! Love it!

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