My weight is all over the place at the moment because I’ve got my period. I so don’t need this – is there anyway to encourage an early menopause because it’s not like I have any desire to be fertile again in my life? Maybe I could get a hysterectomy because my uterus is ever going to be needed I figure getting rid of superfluous body organs is a good way to lose weight.

My computer monitor is acting all weird and flickery. I don’t want to be spending money just before my contract ends at work but if I’m going to buy anything, it will be a laptop not a new monitor. I think I’ll go check out secondhand laptops this week and see if I can get one cheap. My computer is ancient – I bought it secondhand – and the hard drive is almost full plus a laptop would be so much more convenient. I don’t need anything flashy, so long as it works and I can write my stories on it.

It’s weird being Father’s Day today. We don’t celebrate it since my dad died many years ago so you forget, then you see people out having a Father’s Day lunch or you read something online and it’s oh yeah, people do that stuff.

7 responses to “Gripes

  1. I almost forgot about Father’s Day today! We have had 4 Birthdays to celebrate this week, Monday, Thursday with parties on Friday and Saturday night.
    I remembered at 12mid-day today (blush). Shame on me, lol!

  2. My Dad is a JW so I don’t have to bother about him, had to buy for DH though, he scored some neat stuff today!
    My weight is scattery too at the moment.
    Hope you have a great week.

  3. oh – so know the period effect on weight!
    buggar about the computer 😦
    Did a google as you suggested and went through the first few hundred results for a few different searches, i think im safe 😉

  4. Heya Kathryn 🙂 Thought it was about time I dropped in and said hello and also say thank you heaps for the comments you’ve been leaving, in particular, the latest one. 🙂 I’ve taken your advise (about getting out of the house) and suprise, suprise, it’s been working a treat! 🙂 It’s crazy how something so small can make you feel nuts, almost boardering on insane. 🙂
    Anyways, it’s time for me to go to work, will talk to you again soon!
    Luv Natt XO

  5. LOL at the advantages of uterus removal! I said the same thing recently as it was one of the options i needed to think about if my recent gyno tests turned nasty! There’s a bright side to every situation 🙂

    Boooo to TTOTM :S

    Good luck with the laptop search if it comes to that. I absolutely hate it when my computer cracks it.

  6. Well there’s a thought, don’t think the uterus would make too much difference weight wise though! We were actually playing around with them the other day in our anatomy lab!

  7. Its funny how mothers day is the same date in most countries, yet fathers day is totally different… it gets very confusing. I hope your computer isn’t too expensive to fix / replace. There is nothing worse then a dodgy pc.

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