Jeans and Things

I took the day off work today. I had a few medical things to attend to – nothing ominous – so figured I’d make a day of it. Headed over to Vic Gardens to do a lunch time spin class but was in mid-jeans try on when the class started – oops. I did manage to get some (non-shopping) cardio in though.

Sometimes I love shop assistants – the good ones, that make you try on styles you’d never consider yourself then tell you that you need a smaller size. Who’d have thunk that flares are the best style for me? Not me until today.

And black jeans – I’ve never owned black jeans before. Never. They look damn fine.

But wet weather and long jeans are not a winning combination.

As to the medical issues – I had a blood test this morning to see if I can ditch my diabetes medication. I hate blood tests – it’s not the needle, it’s the fasting beforehand. I can’t wait until after 9.00 to eat!

Then this arvo I had a myotherapy appointment. She cured pains I didn’t even realise existed. Woohoo! But she said I’d feel bruised and sore tomorrow so that’s not good.


8 responses to “Jeans and Things

  1. mmm those kinds of shop assistants definately should get together and multiply… They certainly know how to make you feel good.

    I hope the tests come out ok. I HATE anything to do with medical testing etc. eugh..

  2. What, you have never owned a pair of black jeans in your life?? I thought every chickadee owned a pair as they are “slimming”, lol!
    Good luck with the blood test, I truly hope you can ditch the diabete’s meds.

  3. Yeah, nothing like new clothes to make you feel good about yourself ESPECIALLY when they are a size smaller than you think you need.

    Glad to see you have gotten over your weightloss break and are back into the swing of it!

    I may sound ignorant but what is myopathy

  4. Good luck with the Diabetes result. I’m a bit of a black jeans fan and bought a pair last month also. They are nice for a change.

  5. C’mon girl, give us the jeans pix!

  6. Oh yeah I love those shop assistants. Unfortunately they are few and far between. I always get the gum chewing oblivious ones who don’t even look at me but just point to the change room!

  7. I bet you look damn fine in a pair of black jeans! I can’t live without mine.

  8. Good luck with the diabetic tests. When do you get the results?

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