Shrinking Eyes

Last night, I cut my writing class to go to yoga, then cut yoga and headed to the movies. I’ve been feeling so grumpy and out of sorts lately that some quality Johnny time was in order so we went to see Pirates (again).

And, of course, we hit the snack bar. I’ve done the healthy treats for the movies thing, and I’ve done the ‘it’s only 2 hours, I don’t need to eat’ thing. But let’s get real here, what’s a movie without a choc top? So I got me a choc top and then went to the help yourself lollie land. I used to hit those things with avengance. Cos, let’s face it, they are designed to make you over eat – and at $3 for 100 grams of lollies, they are laughing all the way to the bank at your gluttony. But last night I got a few things – one fantail, a small scoop of M&Ms and some raspberries and cream. Enough to feel like a treat but I didn’t come out of the film feeling like my insides were going to burst.

My eyes are shrinking – they’re no longer bigger than my belly!

Woohoo! I also had a couple of small handfuls of my sister’s popcorn. I don’t really like movie popcorn – it’s too salty and it makes my tongue hurt. If I want popcorn at the movies, I do make and take my own but I can live without it.

And the best bit of all – I don’t feel guilty. Not for skipping the gym, not for eating over my calories. I went for a run this morning (on top of doing gym tonight) to burn off the calories and I feel like a zillion dollars today.

Everyone needs a break at times and I feel like I’ve had my weight loss break and now I’m refreshed and ready for action.


13 responses to “Shrinking Eyes

  1. I’ve just been stood up for my boxing class. There are no movie theatres near here, so I guess I have to hit the hotel gym!

  2. wow I am most impressed with this attitude of yours 🙂 I would have been beating myself up over and over but you make sense and I think we all need to have days like that. I am so glad that you didn’t feel guilty and that you had a good time. We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then GUILT FREE!!!
    Thanks for showing me that it can be done.

  3. holy moly, incredible restraint at the lollie land thing, good on ya! i guess this is what this maintenance palaver is all about.

    hope you’re feeling okay after the johnny therapy! mrrrowr!

  4. wow, u are awesome with that attitude of yours! restraint is pretty hard to practice, u rock!

  5. Oh dear, not another K!

    I am jealous, because I haven’t got to Pirates once yet. Dunno what a choc top is, but I can understand the temptation to overload at the pick’n’mix sweetie counter only too well…

  6. You are so in control it is wonderful. And BTW I love choc tops at the movies.

  7. what an awesome attitude! One night? pfft.. My weight loss break would last at least a week.

    and I guess that’s the reason you’re at goal and I just gained 10kgs back! haha

    Those serve yourself lollie stands are evil – there’s an entire lollie shop full of those near my cinema and I can’t walk out of there for uner $6. Best to avoid the whole shop, methinks!

  8. I’m glad Johnny got u thru a rough night. My dairy free gf told me that movie popcorn is made with oil and not butter so there is another reason not to eat it.

  9. You have done so well, you can let yourself have a choc top (mmmm choc tops *drools*)you are at goal now so isn’t that what maintaining is about, a few treats here and there? Maybe I have it all wrong and when I reach goal it will all go back on. Anyway, I think your last post was so true! Except I haven’t got myself into going to the gym instead of watching idol.

    Keep up the great work.


  10. I think that’s really what maintenance is all about – being ‘normal’ – within limits! – which means having small treats and days off every now and then. When I get to goal I will test this 🙂

  11. i completely agree – so good on you! yumm.. choctops! x

  12. We’re only human, sometimes we need a choc top. Well done on not picking too many lollies at the all you can eat lollie bar. I usually end up with $10 worth. At least I used to when I did get out to go to the movies. I don’t even get weekend leave now!! hahaha

  13. Having a choc top is almost mandatory at the movies. Though, nine times out of ten I end up dropping some of the choc on me during the movie. Grrr, but at least I’m consistent :S

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