I need some damn support!

I dragged myself into the gym tonight and started my warm up on the cross trainer when I felt a boing… damn convertible bra! The clip that holds the right bra strap came adrift. I thought I could slip it back (while still cross training cos I didn’t want my heart rate going down) but the catch thing had totally snapped.

Must remember – always take a sports bra to the gym. Is it just me or do other people have continous problems with convertible bras? I’m always having the straps coming unlatched and having to fix them. Like I’ll put the bra on and go to do it up and then strap will come lose so I fix that and another one comes lose! It takes an extra five minutes to get dressed in the morning. I’ll never buy another one ever. They are too high maintenance.

Luckily I didn’t need that much support for my workout. I don’t think running in a strapless bra would do me any favours!

I had weight loss rage today. I stomped down to the gym thinking – why do I have to do this? Every night it’s the same thing… gym, gym, gym. Why can’t I go home and laze on the couch with a family block of cadburys watching Idol like most everyone else in Australia? Even reminding myself that most everyone else in Australia is now obese didn’t help.

I’d like to say that a weights session and a spin class later, my attitude changed to sweetness and light but I’d be lying through my teeth.

I’m damn sick of Fitness First – they’ve spent thousands of dollars on plasma tvs for the gym so we can be bombarded with advertisements yet the sound system in the spin class is so crap you can’t hear the instructor over the music.

Although to be honest, you don’t want to hear him when he says: ‘Are you ready to rock cos I’ve got Acca Dacca coming up!’ then plays the gayest ever dance mix of Thunderstruck. This was after the dance mix of Smoke on the Water. Where do they get this music? Please tell me so I can pay them a visit with my lighter and kerosense. I mean dance music has it’s place. But don’t, please… I beg of you.. ever mix it with rock.

Some princess had her gear spread out all over the bench near my locker after my shower so I got my bag out and plonked it on top her stuff then laughed maliciously to myself because she wore an A cup sports bra.

I waited hours for the tram then, when it came into sight, I remembered I’d wanted to go to JB to get new headphones for my ipod. And why the hell don’t they make waterproof ipods? I try to keep my ipod on at all times at the gym except classes (I’d do it then if I could) but you can’t wear an ipod in the shower (or while getting changed cos there’s nowhere to clip it). I had to suffer some hideous bland commercial chick band then Franz Ferdinand — arrrgghh, like hearing them play while waiting for Iggy at the BDO wasn’t suffering enough.

Then I had the tram trip home — the other day a woman on the radio complained because everyone on public transport wears ipods instead of socialising with each other. That’s stupid because 1) no one ever “socialised” on trams and 2) who wants to? If i could, I’d build a bubble around me and keep everyone out for the whole trip. She should try catching the #68 tram and then we’d see how social she wanted to be!

There was one dude on the tram – he looked all corporate and suited up and he wasn’t actually talking to his friend (the one that no one else could see) but his body language and face gestures suggested that the friend was talking to him heaps! He kept nodding and laughing and looking serious – and no matter where I turned my head, I could see him.

After he left, we had a young guy wanting chocolate. He asked everyone on the tram until he got some. Then he sat back down and asked me if I wanted to look at his bag of pot. At least it was his pot and not his penis. Worst of all, he told me I looked like a “nice lady”.

There was a point to this post apart from me bitching about my day – oh yeah – I think I have weight loss fatigue. I thought when I got to goal, I’d be able to ease off a little – do a bit less cardio, maybe take a night off – but I don’t feel like I can. I have this fear that if I stop, all the weight will come flooding back. Like it did last week!

I’m sure I just need a good night’s sleep but today I’m damn grumpy.


16 responses to “I need some damn support!

  1. LOL at your tram ride tale. I once got on a tram outside of St Vincent’s Hospital and a lady patted the seat next to her for me to sit there – weirdo – so I sat on the only other available seat. As soon as the doors closed the guy next to me started in a loud voice at me: “Did YOU vote Lib-er-ral?!! Well, DID YOU!!?!” The lady looked at me with a combination of pity and can’t-say-I-didn’t-try across her face. “Fucking toffy c**ts!”. I didn’t disagree with the sentiments, but would have gladly made use of a bubble that day, one that made me invisible.

    Just remembered anotherie. My bf saw a guy bolting after the tram so pulled the rope for the driver to stop. The guy jumped on and gratefully acknowledged the boy’s good deed before asking “And what’s with the rest of you bastards that you couldn’t get off your fat arses and help a (white) brother out?” He, completely off his face, continued to chat to the very shy boy – it was embarrassing, but hilarious because it was not me. I nearly lost it completely when he said “Yeah, and you know? People think I’m an addict, but I’m not, I’m on Methadone!”. Once we got off the tram the boy swore that this sort of things always happens when he helps people and that he’s going think very carefully before ever helping a stranger again.

    You’re a writer, you could fill a book!

  2. WOW…

    I identify with that post completely.. you sound like me in a blind rage…

    They said that ipods stopped ppl talking on the tube in London.. but its the same as with your trams. Nobody talks on the tube ANYWAY>. unless they are weird drunk high or a beggar.. ok, or acquaintances.

    What do these ppl think the adverts on the tube are for? Why they are successful?
    They serve a job,. prevent the need for eye contact with weirdos on the tube.

    Babes.. u have diet fatigue and ur at goal. I have diet and exercise fatigue.. and I’m still fat!

    Take a day off and do something fun yet aerobic. Go dancing in a club or something/ salsa dancing.. shake ur booty and have some fun.

    I read through some of your archives today.. u have such an interesting blog, you write very well..

    But it slightly scary how much exercise and healthy eating is required to become thin.. I didn’t realise how much work it took to reach a goal.

  3. I’ve never had a problem with the convertible bras – chest size has never been a big issue for me, unfortunately šŸ˜¦ C cup was the biggest I ever got!

    The trams I catch don’t seem to have a lot of freaks on them, but I suspect that is the exception rather than the rule, from yours and CKK’s stories!! People do often start talking to me though – I don’t know what it is, maybe my friendly face?! (my mother has the same problem too!)

    I found that when I reached goal I did kind of have to allow myself to relax just a little – still exercised, still watched what I ate, but didn’t worry too much about what I did or when. It takes time to get used to this new phase of your journey, but believe me, it’s so bloody wonderful once you realise that you’re there, and you can relax, and still maintain (or keep losing in my case!)and you know that you’re still in control. All these new healthy habits of yours will serve you well. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

    And definitely get yourself some new underwear! I need to do the same!

    Have a great day šŸ™‚

  4. I love a good tram story so thanks for that. I seem to be the ‘go to’ person whenever I’m on a tram – I just don’t get it.

  5. If you weren’t stressed before you got on the tram you sure would have been after!
    Hope you had a nice restful sleep and you are feeling better today. Try to ease the pressure off yourself a little bit now you are at goal. I know it is hard, but as long as you are sensible with your eating you will be fine.
    You have worked SO hard and achieved SO much and you deserve to be happy.

  6. You definitely need a nice cup of tea and a sit down babe! It does get easier and the first few weeks of maintenance are a little tricky but you’ll find your balance again. It is a whole new way of thinking šŸ™‚

  7. Miss Slimmer Palooza

    Thank you for giving me the biggest giggle I have had in days with your post!
    Gym music is hideous!
    I don’t think that sports bra’s work either let alone the convertable types! Maybe it is me?
    Cheerio gorgeous at goal girl

  8. I just love a good tram story and had such a good laugh. Thanks for that. I so understand with those convertible bras, I got one by mistake and never again.
    People tell me that maintenance is hard and scary the first few weeks. I’m sure you get the hang of it in no time and then wonder what all the fuse was about.
    Hope your week improves.

  9. OMG that is SUCH a funny story, if you weren’t there I guess! I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. I’ve been a cranky arse this week too but I think it’s because i’m eating crap, crap and more crap. Thanks for the motivational cheer. I think I need a margueria more than I need pom poms though! LOL. Email me if you want to bitch about anything, there’s one thing that I would want to bitch about in particular! hahaha

  10. Mornings! Mornings are the time to work out. Plus you burn 300% more calories if you workpout first thing. And you dont need to put up with half the sh*t you get with the night crowd.

    I’m with you though on the tram thing. Hello public trasnport is sweaty smelly crowded and just generally unpleasant. I too rather turn my iPod up so I can drown out some noise and maybe grab a mag so I don’t have to look at anyone either. Gimme a bubble! Dad was talkoing about compartmentised trains that were still runnning when he was working on the rail. Bring em back! Bring em back! Then at least I don’t have to put up with the freaks and weirdos that think they are cool but all they’re doing is annoying other public transport users.

    Ok rant over. (for now I think LoL)

  11. lol, read your blog just before I went to do a spin class this morning. OMG, I see what you mean, song after song being crucified!!

  12. oooh I remember all those strange public transport days that I used to have. I even wanted to write a book called “Strange Tube Experiences” from my time in London. Where do these people come from???
    I hear you on the bad day though. But at least you know that when you wake up tomorrow, it is a brand new day and i’m sure you will feel heaps better.

  13. LOL. I go to Fitness First too. Only in a gym somewhere on the other side of the world (Belgium). And dammit, they play that awful music here too!

  14. If you ever find a cure for the hatred I feel for people who can eat chocolate and watch Idol while Im at the gym PLEASE tell me because I’m feeling it every day lately šŸ˜¦ I also don’t know at what stage you can ‘slac off’. My biggest fear is that when I stop going to the gym every day it will just magically appear again when I wake up in the morning… I don’t know we can get over that other than just time I guess.

  15. Hey Kathryn, I’d love to wear a convertable bra but my mammaries need an industrial strength sports bra to stop me from injuring myself.

    I quite like your bubble idea, if you could patent that, you’d be worth a fortune – and der, who the hell socialises on public transport.

    As for fitness first, I am not a supporter. I managed to stay for 2 months before getting jack of it.

  16. Having read your “I forgot to wear my bra” post first and now reading this, I have to say you aren’t having much luck in the mammary support department this week. There’s definitely a theme running šŸ˜‰

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