Does anyone have the Sydney paper with the City 2 Surf times in it? I can’t get hold of a copy here and I want to check my time. My race no was 19500 if that helps.

3 responses to “Help!

  1. I have it at work, I bought it to post down for Michelle. I can check for you tomorrow.

  2. good on ya briony. how helpful are Internet People? bless… 😀

    kathryn! i gotta ask, did you get any cupcakes in Sydney? you know that shop, i can’t remember the name, but they have a cupcake with chopped up Jaffas on the top… OH baby.

    hope you’re recovering well from your run 🙂

  3. Hey Kathryn, Just wanted to say it was great catching up with you – well done one getting through the run, just sorry your weekend had to end in such a messed up way with your flight – doh!

    A huge albeit belated congratulations on meeting your goal – a big WOO HOO to you!

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