C2S Results

I just checked the site and the results are up:

Well done Kathryn on completing The 2006 Sun-Herald City2Surf, you were
25746th over the line with a time of 111:36.

When I decided to run the C2S, I wanted to it under 100 minutes. Then I had all those lingering illnesses, then leg problems. Considering I could hardly make it from the couch to the loo on Saturday arvo, I’m pretty happy that time – although I wish I’d not taken a toilet break now!

I don’t think I mentioned my toilet break – I ran into one of the portaloos and was doing my thing when I realised the catch on the door was dodgy and liable to fly open any minute. That would have been real pleasant – treating my fellow runners to the sight of me sitting on the loo! Knowing my luck, it would have made the evening news!

4 responses to “C2S Results

  1. Thank goodness I came and read your post cos now I can stop reading the damn results. They don’t go by race number, just time and I couldn’t find you anywhere – the type is so small!! hahaha

  2. Wow – how nice of Briony to go through every individual name in the paper to find you!!!!!!

    Fantastic time Kathryn – illnesses/leg problems or no illnesses/leg problems. I’m impressed 🙂

    LOL your toilet break !

  3. WELL DONE!!! wow, that is a GREAT time, especially with all the problems you’ve been having up till now 🙂 *hug* I am so proud of you!!!

  4. great time Kathryn. And by the way you looked fantastic on Sat night and it was a pleasure to meet you.

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