I’m not sure what’s going on with my trip to Sydney at the moment. I’m still going and still running but I was supposed to be staying with my sister and now both she and her boyfriend have come down with a bad flu. She told my mum that she’d pay for me to stay in a hotel if they are still bad on the weekend but I haven’t spoken to her myself.

I’ve got a sneaky feeling that, since her boyfriend has only very recently moved in, they don’t me there cramping their style! And that suits me fine – I don’t really want to be caught up in their icky love stuff!

There are a few places on my to-do list for the weekend. Cupcakes on Pitt is definite. I’d also like to check out My Little Cupcake in Neutral Bay (where is Neutral Bay?) – anyone see a theme here. My Little Cupcake has some heavenly cupcake stands on their site and I’m in the market for one of those. I’d also like to go to Newtown shopping. I think Mary suggest that a while back and then I remembered my friends used to live there and there are some great shops and cafes.

7 responses to “Sydney

  1. I hope things work out for you re Sydney accommodation. It’s a little stressful for you considering the weekend is only three days away :S

    Definitely sensing a theme to your to-do list;) Hopefully you will be able to take some photos to tempt us!

  2. I think NB is about 7km’s away from Sydney. On the other side of the Harbour from memory.
    I’m loving your cupcake obsession.

  3. What is it with the damn cupcake thing? I think you need to break this obsession to get to goal – LOL – how many calories did you say were in one cupcake?
    Oh and about the karaoke thing – we’ll have to plan another trip so we can do just that. I love getting drunk and doing karaoke – maybe I should come to Melbourne – might help my anonimity!!
    See you on Saturday!!!!!

  4. Geez I could also do with some spelling lessons! Sorry….



  5. Cupcakes on Pitt is DIVINE. I picked up a mint chocolate cupcake the other day and walked the entire length of Pitt Street to deliver it as a treat to DH. He said it was fantastic. When my girlfriend at work had a birthday we bought 8 cupcakes and shared them rather than one big cake. Passionfruit, Jaffa, White Strawberry Chocolate *droool*.

    And Neutral Bay is reachable via Ferry from Circular Quay then it is a bit of a walk up to Military Road then either a stroll or Bus to the Cupcake store. You will love it. Mary, Cath and I walked around there the other weekend.

    Bugger about the accommodation. If I did not already have a house full you could have stayed here – not that that is much help to you now.

    Glad you are still coming though. I have just refreshed the weather outlook and it still looks like Sunny and 22 degrees 😀

  6. I think Bri and I will have to find this cupcake store just to see what you are talking about of course. Good luck with sorting out the accomodation. See you sat night.

  7. You have been tagged! see my blog for further information!

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