Exempt List

I guess since I’m single, this technically isn’t an exempt list, but I saw Emily do it on her site and loved the idea.

#1 Justin Hawkins


I don’t care what anyone says – Juzzy is hot. If I had school books, I’d most definitely cover them with his pic. He’s totally rock and he’s man enough to wear lycra bodysuits. He is more rock than a totally big rock. Like Ayres Rock. And he’s a lyrical genius. In fact, he’s a musical genius of all flavours. Lead singer of The Darkness who produce rock based music of exceptional quality. *Sigh*

#2 Carlito


My fave wrestler in the WWE. Not just cute, but funny and cool too. He spits in the face of people who don’t want to be cool. He really does.

#3 Julian Casablancas


Yum. Yum. Yum. I heart Julius. He is spunkalicious. I can’t believe both Julian and Carlito were in town last weekend and all my stalking proved fruitless. Well actually I can since my stalking efforts were pathetic. Why can’t they stalk me? That would rock.

I figure I have a real shot here, cos as my old boss used to say – it doesn’t matter if there’s a queue, so long as it’s moving!

#4 Jack White


Not as spunky as he used to be. As he gets older and more styled, he just doesn’t look as hot. And his music is sucking now too. In fact, I think Jack had better get his act together or he’ll be knocked out of the list by something younger and prettier.

But he does have fab arms.

#5 Johnny Depp


Need I say more? Who doesn’t love Johnny? Freaks, that’s who!

Hmmm… I think I have a thing for guys who’s name starts with the letter “J”. What’s with that?


11 responses to “Exempt List

  1. i agree – what is going on with jack white? used to be such a promising thing!!

    johnny, i’d take him any day. yum yum yum!


  2. OMG I only know of Johnny Depp; suddenly I feel old and tragically unhip.

  3. I’m impressed that you admit to liking Justin Hawkins – more power to you sister!

    Johnny Depp – mmmmmmmmm, I’m in love!

    Can’t wait to meet you on Sat night!

  4. yes, FREAKS, that’s who indeed.

    i agree re jack white, he just looks a little doughy lately. not that i can talk!

  5. mmm Johnny Depp!
    I am so impressed that somebody else knows of carlito carribbean cool, tho i was not impressed when he spat apple in HBK’s face hehe

  6. I was front row for the Darkness at the BDO a few years ago. He defaintely has oodles of sex appeal!

    Jack White – I loved their music but then I saw him in Cold Mountain. Yum.

    Johnny Depp, hmm Im a little over him.

  7. Oh God, your list is so the opposite of my boring old-farts list (not that i’ve written it down yet, but it’s in my head). I’m certainly not sharing it with you – you cool chick you – then you’ll really think (know) i’m such a big bloody dag!!
    At least I know who 2 of yours are though! hehe

  8. I agree with K I am impressed that somebody else knows of carlito carribbean cool too! I think he is Hot!

    I love Johnny Depp too!

  9. another sarah ...

    *sigh* I think I need to go back thirty – forty years for my exempt list to be relevant. It’s all good for Tom though, at least he doesn’t have to worry about me remotely meeting any man on my exempt list … half of them are dead and the other half I would never contemplate in their old age!
    I like how you’ve got Johnny Depp and Jack White on your list though, not bad! See you Saturday

  10. I’m loving Justin in their latest film clip where he does the whole 80’s thing down to the leg warmers and head band – very funny.

  11. Have you seen the photo of Johnny Depp in this week’s Famous magazine…OMG he is just soooo delicious!!

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