Queen of the Lake

I ran in the Queen of the Lake fun run this morning, heading over there with Deege. To be honest, it was the last thing I felt like doing – I went to the wrestling last night then had coffee and sat up chatting with my friend Dave until after 1.00 am. Wrestling is tops – it was a fine night of sports entertainment. As we walked in, Dave goes hey there’s Geoffry Rush being refreshments. I thought he was joking but nope, it was him. I didn’t think until later – that dude knows Johnny Depp! OMG *girlie squeal*.

So anyway, the fun run – I did the 5 km in around 30.40 minutes which is faster than I expected to go. I did the Christmas fun run at Albert Park last year and my time was 40.43 so I knocked 10 minutes off it. Woohoo!

The first km felt like hell and a squillion people passed me. I had a fair bit of tightness in my glutes and lower back. Then I got into the rhythm of it and by the 3.5 km mark a lot of those people who passed me had run out of steam so I kicked their butts. I got to the last 500 metres or so and could see the finish line and sprinted for it. I crossed feeling like my lungs were going to explode.

Deege crossed the finish line not long after me. Considering she’s only got back into running recently, she’s a powerhouse. Soon she’ll be kicking my butt.

After the run, I got my showbag (I’d picked up my very spunky and very free Lorna Jane tee before I ran and I’m wearing it now. I normally don’t like tees with sports logos but this one is rather cute) then I queued for a massage. The massage girl wanted me to take off my running tights before she rubbed but, considering how public the massage area was, I made the extreme sacrifice and saved the world from a view of me in my knickers.

I think I could have handled doing the 10 km instead of 5 today but it’s probably best I save something up for next Sunday. Next on the fun run calendar is the Spring Into Shape series. I have my times from last year and I’m going to kick my own butt!

In my goodie bag after the race, I scored a fitball pregnancy workout video – if anyone wants it, leave me a msg and it’s yours!


9 responses to “Queen of the Lake

  1. Crikey, 30.40minutes isn’t bad for someone who didn’t feel like running!!
    I was just behind you Kathryn but lost you in my last walk break, then I couldn’t find you at all to say hello :(.
    You sure you don’t need that pregnancy video:). I scored a fitball video and I know I will never use that either!!

  2. Well done Kathryn. That is a fantastic time.
    Have a great week.

  3. Congratulations!! I am so envious of you… I was going to enter City to Surf this year and jog/walk/run my way through it… but what a shame, I’ll be in Thailand. 😀

  4. What were the tights like for running in?
    Oh, and good time!

  5. PelagicWobbegong

    Brilliant! Great time!

    Hope to see you at C2S – I’ll be the one with the exploded kneecaps (will PM you my mobile on one of the messageboards)

  6. Congrats on the great time for the run!

  7. Hi there!!

    Congrats on the fun run, your time was excellent!!

    Sounds like an amazing acheivement!!

  8. I looked for you at the run. Obviously you were too fast for me. Seee you Sat.

  9. Kathryn, I think I have a long way to go before I kick anyone’s butt (including my own). You did great though. You are well on track to a great day on Sunday.

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