Weigh In – 71.8 kg

No change this week which is bad, bad, bad… but I did eat a few salty foods last night – fetta and ham – so there could be some fluid retention. Or it could just be that I shouldn’t snack on foods like fetta and ham at night.

I’ve been thinking this week – trying to work out just what my problem is. I’ve gone from losing weight at a nice steady rate to yo-yoing around the same kilograms for weeks (months) and I’ve realised these are my issues:

Mental spazziness – I need to get my head around the fact that I can get to goal. I’m 1.8 kgs off it yet in my stupid head, it’s as far away as it was when I had 40 kgs to lose. I can do it and I will do. I just have to kick my butt into line.

Food issues – where do I start? I used to be good with food and now I’m not. It doesn’t help having a partner in crime, not that I’m blaming my sister, but it’s so much easier to decide to go out for dinner rather than cook when there are two of you. I never used to fuss too much about what I ate when I went out before but then I only ate out once a week at the most. This week it’s been a big eggy brunch one day, a bowl of La Porchetta gnoochi the next… even when you order the best choice on the menu, you don’t know what those tricksy chefs are doing out in the kitchen. Just because something is healthy when I make it at home, doesn’t mean they haven’t decided adding some taste enhancing fat is a great idea. Also eating out costs money. No more eating out. Well maybe once a week but no more.

I’ve been trying to cut out treats. The mini muffin with the morning coffee, the cupcakes, the teensy-weensy lil snack size chocolates. They all add up especially if you indulge more than once a day. At the moment, I take some fruit to work then end up getting a treat as well. I think I need to take more snacks from home so I don’t feel like I need to buy other crap to supplement my apple and mandarin.

I haven’t tracked in forever either. I keep a running tally in my head – scarily enough I can work out my calories most days without referring to outside sources – but head tallies can conveniently forget the things we don’t want to remember. I’ve rejoined the Calorie King site so I can track on that from home or work (and it’s less cumbersome than my old sticky note in the diary system).

Exercise – mostly this is okay but I can’t use it as an excuse to eat more. Also, I want to add in more incidental exercise. I’ve gotten slack about walking to work and don’t do much at night when I get home.

On the plus side, I bought a huge amount of vegies at the market yesterday. Luckily I had my Andrew-shaped pack horse to carry them for me. I cooked him a steak and some vegies for dinner afterwards so I know he got some nutrion into him this week. He was also telling me he’s been cooking vegies – sure they are tinned peas and carrots but it’s a start. I’ve been trying to lure him into running with me with the promise of a pair of new runners but that isn’t working yet.

I think I’ll make carrot soup today and I have a heap of pears to stew up. I’m having a day off exercise today but might go to the pool for a swim later. Also I have some stuff to do in Fitzroy St and figure it will be easier to walk than to try and park the car.

Tonight I’m off to the wresting. Woohoo! That is going to rock.

4 responses to “Weigh In – 71.8 kg

  1. You might want to reward yourself for each month for traking. I am getting a yearly journal gift not sure what I should get.
    I should joing caloerie King. I am at goal but could use more info on chinese food.

  2. Kathryn, I was exactly the same when I needed to lose my last couple of kilo’s. I kept yo-yoing up and down, it just wouldn’t budge.
    In the end I finally lost it through using Calorie King 🙂
    You will do it!!

  3. You know my standard reply is to be grateful that at least you are looking at what is going on and know what you need to do in order to remain happy with who you are and what you do.

  4. I was thinking of joining Calorie King too for all the info. I use an excel sheet to track but I think I want something a bit more “fun” to play with now. I use exercise as an excuse to eat more treats too. Bad, stop it. I’ve been yo-yoing a bit too but I think it’s seriously okay. 1.8kg from goal hey, you’re already there!

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