Another Decision

It really is decision time for me lately and this one is a bit of a doozy.

I guess firstly I should explain how my house works cos it’s kinda weird. Instead of renting out the house and it being all communal, the owner rents the rooms out. That’s good in the way that I’m not at liable for anyone else’s bill paying (plus all utilities are included in the rent) but bad in the way that we have no say over who they rent to. When I first moved in, I only intended staying short term so I didn’t bother too much but now I’ve been there over a year and I *hate* moving.

So anyway, one of my housemates moved out on the weekend – in no way influenced by our recent note writing spree, I’m sure – and her room is vacant. It’s actually 2 rooms at the back of the house since she had what was formerly the home bar (with sink) plus a small bedroom. There is an door (currently locked and blocked) between the former bar and my room.

Okay, got that. Well my dilemma is thus – do I offer to rent her old room? I’d be able to set the former bar up as a small kitchen with my toaster oven plus microwave and a hotplate and have a lounge room in her old bedroom. The only room I’d have to share is the bathroom. The other plus side is that we’d not get a new housemate. I have a real fear that, because there is another (small, dodgy) bedroom empty, the owners will advertise both rooms if they have to advertise at all and five people is too many in our house!

The down side is the cost. I reckon I’ll be able to talk them down on the rent, after all my utilities are already included in my rent, but if I’m not working it will be a real stretch for me. I’d also save $$$ because I have stuff in a storage unit. I’d been planning to reduce that expensive anyway because I’ve taken a lot of it out.

Another down side is the rooms are an absolute pigsty! The former housemate (or rather, her bf who did the moving) took a few things but left a heap of junk, food, clothes, uni assignments, you name it laying around!

I reckon I’ve got some time to consider it because I think she’s basically done a runner and the owners don’t know. The rent girl (ie. the owner’s daughter who comes over to get our rent money in cash*) comes over on Sunday so I figure I have until then to decide.

* yep, this as dodgy as all hell and I figure there is tax/Centrelink dodginess involved.


7 responses to “Another Decision

  1. Ohhh, interesting decision!

    I guess if you think you might be there for a little while longer, it might be nice to have a bit more space to yourself. Guess it all depends on what the $ will be, but it’s something to definitely think about. Good luck with your decision 🙂

  2. I think it sounds like a great idea – just to have some space of your own and being able to spread out a little more. As for the crap they left behind – I suggest a bon fire!

  3. Dear Owners,

    i would like to rent the extra room out in the back of your house.

    I’d love to cut you a deal. Let me have it for half price and I won’t tell Centrelink that you are earning cash in hand for our rent!

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Shrinking Girl

    what a great idea, I’m sure that they’d rather make a deal with you than take a chance on an unknown, new renter. Good luck!!

  5. I’d say: go for it!

  6. Sounds like a great idea to me – so long as they clear out all the junk!

  7. Since you are already paying for storage, if you can get the extra rooms for close to that price I think it would be worth it. It’s a balance between the $ and the ability to have a place you don’t have to share so much.

    I love Beckies letter 😀

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