I’d planned ages ago that I’d train for the City to Surf then after that for the half marathon of the Melbourne Marathon – now I’m having second thoughts. I hadn’t counted on being sick for so long. It’s over 3 months now, which can’t be normal. I swear, if I had sick leave and could take a week off to recouperate, I’d have been over all this ages ago, but since that isn’t a possiblity, I think I want to cut back on stuff for a while instead of increasing it. There’ll be other runs. I’m thinking if I don’t do it, then I’ll do the Burnie Ten and go visit my mum for the weekend.

7 responses to “Decisions

  1. Your health is a priority so do what’s good for you hon. I really hope you shake this thing!

  2. You have to look after yourself otherwise it’s just going to get worse isn’t it? What about a couple of days off? It would be better than nothing and might help you get better quicker. This thing seems to have been hanging around you forever. Take it easy.

  3. Hope you get over this bug thing soon.

    It’s the worst thing when you’re not well enough to do all the stuff you want to do.

    Have a great day.

  4. That’s probably not a bad idea Kath – your health has to be your priority, and your body is obviously feeling a bit run down and is sending you some signals that it needs a rest. What a shame that you can’t take some sick leave! What about taking a Friday or a Monday off and making it a three day weekend – yeah you miss a day’s pay but it might be the little break that helps you finally get over this!!

    The Burnie 10 would be an excellent return to competitive running for you. I hope you can use the time between now and then to rest, recover and then move forward with your goals.

    I hope you’re feeling much better very very soon!

  5. I think that is the hardest thing to do…listening to your body and slowing down, especially when you set yourself goals.
    Rest up and nuture yourself and hopefully you will be able shake the bugs for good 🙂

  6. There will always be other races and there is always next year 🙂 Rather look after yourself and get strong!!! At least this decision will take a lot of added stress and pressure off you which will also help!

  7. It’s a bugger that you have been struck down for so long with these bugs. It’s a crazy thing your body is doing at the moment. I wonder if it is just clearing itself out – readying for the run home to goal??

    Even if you don’t do the c2s will you still be coming to Sydney?

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