Cupcakes are my new obsession – I’ve even been dreaming about them. At around 150 calories a pop, they aren’t too damaging (compared to say a slice of mud cake from your average cafe) and you get a whole cake! My sister calls them little magical cakes of completeness, or something like that. Check out 52 Cupcakes for some excellent food porn.

I’ve been thinking of buying a fabbo cupcake stand but fear the temptation to fill it (and then empty it).


The other night my sister and I were arguing, as you do, about which one of us our Nan hates the most. She told me that I was the favourite grandchild now because I’ve lost so much weight.

We tend to think that with age comes wisdom and maturity but there you have it – you can reach 90+ years of age and still think like a high school girl. My nan is like if Barbie grew up into a grandmother – she’s all about the thinness and how you look. Academic or professional success mean nothing to her. To get in her good books all you need to do is be thin.

I think I’m growing up because hearing that I’m in Nan’s good books doesn’t make me want to go out and wolf down a pavola just to pack the weight back on in a fit of defiance. It’s sad and scary but it’s also so remote from me that it means nothing.


I’m thinking late August for the clothes swap (see previous post). More details to follow.


11 responses to “Cupcakes

  1. Miss Slimmer Palooza

    Me too – I loooove cup cakes!! I looked at the website but has to leave as I started salivating!!!
    Yum cup cakes.

  2. Oh dear, I better not look at those cupcakes!

    I hope your Nan really does love you both. She is the one that is missing out by being too picky.

  3. cupcakes are bad!!! bad!!! okay, they are really good *weep*

    I can’t believe your nan is STILL worried about weight issues.. I hope that by the time I get to that age, I don’t care anymore and I am living happily in my body.

  4. Oh my godness a barbie Nan thats a bit different ay!

  5. Thanks for the link about the cupcakes – how totally wonderful and evil at the same time.


    I’ve off to make some low-fat muffins now – a poor substitute :S

  6. Wow Kathryn, your nan story is freaking me out! I thought I had the only weird nan in the world! What is it with nan’s – your right, where does older and wiser fit into the equation.

    Glad to see you are breaking some old habits.

    Ohhhh, cupcakes…my favourite!

  7. GIVE ME CUPCAKES!!! Its funny how tucked into every family there is a barbie wanna be – you know you have really grown up when you dont feel you have to please them anymore.

  8. Barbie Nan – that’s just so wrong in so many ways!
    My current obsession is coffee friands – not so very different from cupcakes!

  9. Gosh my grandmother is the total opposite of your nan – she is continually trying to shove food into me. I don’t get to see her that often because I live so far away, but when I do visit she has a cake and biscuit smorgasboard ready!

  10. Before I got back on the exercise train my big downfall was in part to a cupcake addiction. Actally, I think it was more the frosting…

    Betty Crocker Devil’s Food and Vanilla cake mixes made up as cupcakes are gooooooooddd.

  11. I too have been wanting to buy a cupcake stand. They are so cute when they’re all filled up, but that’s the problem! *LOL*

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