I can’t believe it – I’ve been bitching about how cold it is for months then today – slap bang in the middle of winter – I went for a run and actually worried that I should have put on sunscreen. Admittedly, I am very sun conscious but this gorgeous weather for winter.

I ran 12 km today, I think. The signs around here are so dodgy – I ran to Royal Park with a lap around Princes Park in the middle. One sign said it was 4 km to Royal Park then you go along a bit further and it says 4.3 km to Royal Park? Weird stuff.

I had a lazy day of shopping and massage and eggy brunch yesterday followed by a night of Australian music legend, Don Walker, at a country pub. Today I cleaned and dusted then ran. Tonight I’m cooking my favourite Coriander and Lemon Chicken for dinner then chilling out.


6 responses to “Gorgeous

  1. Kathryn, that is great. Sounds like you are starting to get the distance back in your legs to feel confident for the city to surf.

  2. You are going to whoop City to Surf’s but at this rate. PS you’re too skinny – go eat a cookie or two yourself!! hehe

  3. Good for you recognising the need to stop worrying about every mouthful. And running 12km. I am so jealous.. You are obviously a very capable runner.

  4. Great weather in the morning, but how was the pelting rain this afternoon?!!! Having said that, great effort with your 12K run! Sounds like you’ve had yourself a weekend. BTW, I’m having your coriander and lemon chook recipe as well tonight!!

  5. I really have to try this chicken dish don’t I? Does it have magical powers to make me run as far as you do!??!!

  6. Do you have something you can wear that tells you how far you have run? Can those Polar watches (or a cheaper version) do it? I’m sure you know what you’re average per hour is by now anyway hey. Either way, good going with the running!

    Sounds like a perfect weekend!

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