Weigh In 71.5 kg

Yeah, I’m up again this week. I’m not too fussed about it because I had poo issues again this morning. Also I’ve been back to the gym this week and it always takes at least a week for cardio to show up on the scales for me.

Andrew came over to watch the football with my sister the other day and so I went into spend some quality time with him (okay, I went in to scab his chocolatey football treats). We were talking about something, I can’t remember what, and he said if I’d be the type of footy coach who, if my team were on a winning streak, I’d change the lineup just for the sake of it. And it’s true. That’s what I did.

Before I would average 1,500 calories a day and I’d do around 500 calories worth of cardio a day. Doing that, I averaged around a 1 kg loss a week. Then I read stuff about as you get closer to goal, the less you should eat. So I cut back on my daily calories.

Suddenly everything became a stress: I’d debate over my morning coffee or a piece of fruit. I couldn’t eat the food I needed because I didn’t have the calories. I felt like I could *never* have any kind of treat. So, in the end, I’d think stuff this, and threw the plan out the window.
I haven’t counted calories or tracked my food in weeks.

I’m going to be at goal before I go to Sydney. That’s 3 weeks to lose 1.5 kgs. I know I can do that. I’m going back to the winning formula.


8 responses to “Weigh In 71.5 kg

  1. Its always a good thing to go back to the basics that you know work for you. Especially when the scales get a bit stubborn!

  2. Good girl! Back to basics…. You WILL do this!!

  3. back to basics sounds like the key! hav a great wknd!

  4. I’m so glad someone else will talk about their poo issues. I’ve been trying to talk about it at home and everyone is spazzing out. Geez, all I said is that I am blocked, sheesh.

  5. You’ve got a good level head about your weigh in and I think that’s a great way to be about this. I hear you about the winning formula and I am going back to counting and doing things the way I did when my losses were big too! You’ll definitely be at goal with that attitude babe 🙂

  6. Back to bascis is the best weigh to go – it obviously worked before!!

    You will do it easily:)

  7. Wow, haven’t checked in on you for ages…you are doing really well!! Good for you.

  8. What ever works huh?

    Soooooo close to goal Kathryn, that is brilliant!

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