Kathryn’s Guide To Eating Apples

Since I’m such an expert at consuming large quantities of apples, I thought I’d share some handy tips:

  1. Only buy Pink Ladies. They are the superior apples by far. I cry if they don’t have them at the fruit place.
  2. Grate apple over your breakfast cereal. I started doing this with my bircher muesli and now I do it with all cereals. Yummy.
  3. Take an apple in your bag for morning tea and another one for after the gym.
  4. Cut up apple slices and put some yoghurt into a bowl to use as a dip.
  5. Have a bowl of apples handy and all other snacks not handy. If I have the choice of grabbing an apple from beside or walking to the kitchen to make a snack, no way will I move. I’m far too lazy for that.
  6. If they have apples and other fruit in the cheap sell-out bags at the fruit place, buy up and make stewed fruit for topping your cereal and making easy, peasy desserts.
  7. Eat an apple to stay your stomach while waiting for dinner to cook.

See it’s simple to eat 4 kgs of apples a week. The hard bit is carrying them home from the market!

10 responses to “Kathryn’s Guide To Eating Apples

  1. 4kgs! Far out! I’m more of a banana lover. Apples don’t do it for me really.

  2. Isn’t it funny, I just started eating apples again today!

    The local apple place just outside Bendigo (Harcourt) has the most uneblievable UNWAXED apples. I’m not kidding when I say you can taste the difference 10 fold.

    Thanks for the tips, I never thought of grating my apple. But I do cut up my fruit in a bowl of yoghurt.

  3. A Girl Running

    I am a huge apples fan too. I love red delicious though…arn’t they like bottom of the ladder in the apple social status?

    LOL I am not too sure about the 4 kg in a week though! I love stewed apple, and apple grated into my porridge

    The SKINS are brilliant by the way, thanks for asking….no more calf pain at all

  4. *crunch* *chew* mmm good post.
    I prefer yellow apples (can’t think of their name now I think its Golden Delicious). I find that if i eat an apple mid afternoon it gives me an energy rush that I need 🙂 mmmmm

  5. I hereby christen you Blog Apple Queen – what a great list packed full of sneaky ways to get one’s fruit intake up! Love the grating over cereal idea 🙂

  6. you are SO on the money. pink ladies rule!

    how much does the average apple weigh, anyway? 150 – 200g? If you start adding that up, you could reach 4kg pretty quickly, especially when using them in innovative ways like you do.

    (OH apples also rock if you grate one along with a few carrots, shred some cabbage and red onion. makes a great coleslaw with white wine vinegar and lime juice.)

  7. another sarah ...

    I’m into Fuji apples, myself, though the Pink Lady definitely has its place. Thinking of getting some and making a nice crumble, though I would really struggle to get through 4 kilos a week!

  8. OK This is like a punishment list for me!!
    But thanks …. tee hee

  9. Mmm, I like the grated apple over cereal idea. I’m more of a Royal Gala fan, myself.

  10. Wow! 4kg’s of Apples….that’s amazing!

    I’ve just found a lovely apple. It’s called a Frimgold and to me it’s a cross between a Granny Smith and a Golden Delicious.

    I have one everyday at work.

    I find that some apples make me bloat and make my lips feel funny, almost like the start of a cold sore…weird huh!!

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