…and the not so good…

I got home tonight and rescued my saucepan but as I was taking my cookware into my room I found my broken frying pan. The handle was completely busted yet the person who did it had put it away and said nothing! I can’t believe it. If they’d told me they’d broken it accidentally and apologised then well and good, but that’s just a crappy thing to do.

Also someone defrosted meat in my sister’s microwave and when she went to warm up her wheat bag it was full of congealed blood. Obviously the “please wipe out the microwave sign on the door” isn’t enough.

I found a notice up at a nearby cafe for a 1 bdrm flat to rent but I can’t afford it at the moment and part me feels like I shouldn’t have to move because of other people’s crap. I think I’ll just stay here and declare war.

Man, this is so turning into a “I hate my flatmates” blog rather than a weight loss blog but then everything in life is interconnected and stuff.

I think I did remarkably well today considering – all the housemate crap, plus I had a meeting with my writing teacher to explain to him why I want someone else to mark my work (ie. that he’s such a dusty old academic that he doesn’t really ‘get’ what I’m doing and therefore the feedback I get from him is not really helpful) and did I use that as an excuse to pig out? Did I get all wah-wah, I can’t cope with confrontation? Nope.

I ate well and wagged my novel class to go do a spin class instead. As I walked down to meet my teacher, I felt bad – am I being awful for not just accepting what I’m given and who am I to complain – all those undermining thoughts. Then I thought hey, he’ll turn up late and forget he arranged to meet me and be completely disorganised and that spurred me on. And I was right. Plus if I don’t stand up for me, who will?

This is my novel, my baby, my really important life thingy. And this is my home, the place I live and pay rent for. These things are worth fighting for. As a few commenters said, I need to make a stand to get the respect I deserve.

On a completely seperate whinge – I went to Fitness First at Melbourne Central today instead of my usual branch. Holy moley, I thought my gym was crowded on Monday! I got into the change rooms and there were NO lockers. People hovered around waiting for lockers to become free but people kept coming and no one was going. I decided to take my bag into the spin room with me, which would have been a helluva lot easier if I’d not been wearing my big boots and big coat! The guy on the bike next to me told me that the Collins St branch gets so crowded you have to queue for a shower! I really appreciate my nice branch now.

The class itself was good though – full on. I think that’s the hardest I’ve worked in spin in ages, or maybe I’m just unfit from being sick. I tell you though, the dance remix of Australia Crawl’s Reckless was just wrong!

Btw there is no way I’ll miss the Sydney Blogger’s dinner (see Mary’s blog for more details) — I’m staying with my sister and she’s the queen of organisation and general bossiness! She’ll get me sorted.


10 responses to “…and the not so good…

  1. I just read the other post and now this one and I would totally sit them down and talk to them, ask who broke your shit, tell them that you don’t appreciate not being told even if it was an accident and re-discuss how the house-rules should be or something like that…it is ridiculous that you have to put things in your room like that….it takes me back to my early 20’s and hiding the toilet paper in my room cause my roomie would neve buy any and just use mine…ugh.

  2. I must say, if I came home & found one of my pots busted, it would be SO on! I’d be raising hell & asking who broke it & demand that they pay for a new one.

    Yeah….possibly why I’ve lived by myself or with my younger brother since college. Little bro knows to respect non-stick, lol.

  3. OMG those bastards. This is war now, you need to give it to them straight, no more pussyfooting around the situation.
    Well done on not compensating a crappy day with eating and thank god for an organised sister! Wish I had one. LOL. Have a great day!!

  4. Miss Slimmer Palooza

    If it was me I would store my things in my own room for my use only & put all of my energy into getting my own place. You will be soooo much happier.
    I heard this bit of advice the other day:
    * Chosse your battles wisely *
    Ciao bella

  5. Yes – time for a meeting and sort it all out. You shouldn’t have to feel like moving. The others need to learn to respect other people’s property.

  6. oooh that really isn’t nice at all. But I so agree with Snaciepoo. You should confront them on this. It is so disrespectful and rude!! If I were you I would ask them to contribute towards a new frying pan. (instead of all chipping in for some communal stuff) 😉

    I would go mad if my gym were so busy. I would probably have turned around and gone back home so well done on sticking it out!! That is another reason why I choose to go at 5am 😉

  7. I loved how u wagged your novel class to go to a spin class instead. Not good about your frypan.

  8. I’d be stashing my pots under the bed. Possibly stealthily removing one pot at a time, because I’m not exactly confrontational…

    It is all so unnecessary, and horrible, particularly the bloody microwave.

    My gym is usually that busy in termtime, but then it has the advantage of being well-appointed and cheap, and out of term it’s deserted. Balance is all!

  9. And I meant to say – I really like the new template!

  10. Yikes! How many flatmates do you have? Is it time for a nice cup of tea, a sit down and how about some fucking respect around this place?

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