Is This Reasonable?

In my house, we don’t really live communally. We all have our own stuff – my stuff is in a separate area of the kitchen. So twice lately I’ve been in the kitchen and found my housemates using my cookware. They’ve asked if it’s okay and I’ve been a total wussbag and not said anything even though inside I’m screaming – USE MY SAUCEPANS AND I’LL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP, MOFO!!!

I don’t know what to do. I mean, they wash things up after they use them but I feel like I don’t touch anyone else’s stuff so they should leave mine alone. It also bugs me that they ask if it’s okay when I’m in the kitchen and they have half cooked stuff in my pans. I should say it’s not okay and make them remove it just to be a bitch.

The worst of it is the guy who lives here was cooking sausages in a pan FULL of oil. I kid you not. It’s a nonstick frypan and he needs a whole bottle of oil? I washed that pan out very thoroughly before I used it.

The other thing that bugs me is that I buy everything non-stick and if they don’t wash things up properly then they’ll scrape the teflon which means my stuff is wrecked.

Maybe I should just take all my stuff out of the kitchen or maybe I’m just being a princess. I don’t know. I got Andrew to replace the blown kitchen light on the weekend and I’m almost wishing I hadn’t. With no light, none of the housemates cooked. Didn’t worry me that much cos I’d just use my bedlight but the others aren’t that ingenious. Now they are using my light to cook with my pans!


I went to the gym tonight and did a big hilly run. I hadn’t been planning on running since I was so stuffed after yesterday but I finished work early and didn’t want to hang around waiting for spin class. Afterwards I did a weights session. I got really pissed off because Monday is always crowded at the gym and there were heaps of personal trainers working out with clients. Some of those PT’s think they own the gym. It’s bad enough without them doing boxing sessions in the middle of the weights room and shit like that.

I so didn’t want to go to the gym tonight at all. It was the biggest effort to drag myself there. But I did it and even upped my weights – except the Lat Pulldown. Last time, I put it up 10 kgs more than my trainer suggested, this time I couldn’t even manage the weight she said. Different gym, different machine – who knew it would change that much though?


Now I must go to the kitchen and make sure my pan has been properly washed up then investigate lockable cupboards (I have a feeling secondhand office furniture shops could be the best bet — an old stationery cupboard with a lock).


8 responses to “Is This Reasonable?

  1. Hmmm tricky situation when you still want to be on good terms with people, and when you know they can sabotage it all when you are not there anyway. I think you are on the right track with a lockable cupboard of some sort. It is not princessey and you aren’t making too much of a big deal about it. It is all about RESPECT and I think it would have been respectful to ask you first and then be OK when you told them to Piss off. (not that I think those would have been your exact words LOL).

    If you can’t find a lockable cupboard, a drill and a padlock would work just as nicely 😀

    Bad luck you missed the Melbourne meet. Make sure you have your shit together for the Sydney trip OK….

  2. I had that problem on the leg press machine in Kerikeri – until I realised it already had a 40kg weight on it permanently!

  3. It’s a difficult situation darl, but like M said, it’s all about respect isn’t it. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to not want other people to use your stuff. Maybe you might have to store your cooking equipment in your room from now on!!

  4. You are SO not being a princess, it’s your stuff for cripey’s sake. I say move the stuff to your room, and tell them all to get “f’d”, why can’t they buy their own damn pans anyway? Idiots!! Oh and dance around the house singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me!!!!!
    Oh and also I would like to reiterate what M said – you better have your shit together for the Sydney meet – who will I smoke with if you don’t come?????

  5. I think you are entitled to keep your own things in good condition for yourself. You don’t use their stuff! Keep it in your room. It would be SO annoying if someone else damaged your things when you are so careful.

  6. Oooh I so don’t miss commune living. I am the queen of clean and pretty much everyone i’ve ever lived with hasn’t been clean at all 🙂 Used to drive me batty!!! I think you should lock away your stuff. People like that don’t get the message. Trust me 😉 Telepathy doesn’t work. If they ask, tell them that your teflon was being scratched and you paid too much money for your stuff to be ruined. Maybe you should suggest that everyone contributes towards buying some communal pots and pans? Get cheap ones so that you don’t actually have to contribute that much and you don’t have to use them. But the house mates will.

  7. Totally sympathize. The last time I had housemates, they didn’t use my stuff without asking, but one of their boyfriends did.

    On more than one occasion he cooked bacon in my pan and then left the fat, unwashed-up, to solidify. Nice. I’m vegetarian, but even if I hadn’t been, I don’t suppose I’d have relished washing up someone else’s greasy yuk.

  8. *urgh* yep, plain and simple respect. Time to kick the repeat offender out so you can find another housemate. Yes, they’re are great ones out there!

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