I’ve been reading all about the blogger meet on everyone’s blogs and am so sorry I missed it. The photos are great – everyone looks so happy and shiny!

Today I went to Princes Park for a run. I’m such a doofus – I sat around trying to work out if I wanted to run or not. See before my car got fixed and before I got ill, I’d run down to Princes Park (3km) then do a lap or two and run home. Today I thought about doing that but didn’t want to get stuck with a 3km run home if it started raining. On the other hand, I really wanted to run outside, not at the gym.

Eventually my pea-brain worked out I could drive to the park and run. Der!

I did 3 laps (around 9.5 km) – the first one I ran, the second two I needed to take some walk breaks. Wah! Where has my fitness gone? Come back fitness, I need you. I thought about doing a fourth lap just as a walk but was bored of the same track around so came home instead.

It really knocked me out and I had to have a nap afterwards.

How weird is this? I got home and our wheelie bins were out on the nature strip. I seriously had to check the house number on the bins against the house number on the gate to believe they were ours. I couldn’t work it out because I knew I hadn’t done it and I knew my sister hadn’t. Then I remembered our landlord had been around earlier in the day so he must have done it. One day my housemates will put the bins out and I’ll surely faint!

The rest of my day was quiet. I wanted to do some rewriting of my book for class this week so printed it out and went to the coffee shop and had a chai and worked on it. Now I’m waiting for my sister to wake up. We bought canneloni at the market and were going to cook it for dinner tonight and I don’t want to cook just mine (we have our fridges in our rooms – weird, I know, but that’s how our house works).

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but since my sister moved in she’s been plagued with sickness. Even worse than me. She’s had glandular fever and tonsilitis and all other manner of disease. Now she had to go have tests done cos she has some mystery illness. It bugs me cos she’s always sleeping when I want to watch her cable telly.

I thought about going to body balance today but decided napping and writing were more important. I had a big thinky moment after body balance the other night. I spent the whole class thinking ‘I’m so crap at this, why am I here?’ but as I walked out of class all calm from the meditations, I realised I had it wrong. The reason I’m there is BECAUSE I’m crap at it. I need to do the stretching and core exercises because that’s where I’m really weak. My flexiblity is non-existant.

At the end of the day, it’s not like any of us *need* to be the best at these things. We aren’t going to run in the Olympics or become the world Body Balance Champ (if such a thing exists).

How often do we get discourage because we aren’t the best at something (often, if you are me)? But, newsflash, the chances of being the best are pretty remote. From now on, I’m going to focus on becoming better – a better runner, more flexible, better flexibility, better fitness. I’m there because I *need* to be, not to impress anyone else, not even to impress myself.


7 responses to “Tired

  1. Words of wisdom! Focus on improvement, not competition.

  2. I agree, you don’t have to be better than anyone else, you just need to better yourself.
    Have a great week.

  3. Thats it girl – BFL mantra “Focus on Progress not Perfection”

    With you and your sis being sick all the time do you think it might be environment related? What I’m trying to get at. Is your house maybe making you sick???

  4. I love Body Balance and I am crap at it too! I seemed to have lost my balance in my old age, lol! I have noticed I get so much more out of it when I soley focus on me and not how great everyone else is at it.

  5. You are so right! I have often not wanted to join a class because I know i’m not good but who cares!! As long as I try 🙂
    I hope your sister gets better.

  6. i totally know where you are coming from in regards to housemates not using your stuff properly!!! i got a brandy new wok for xmas and within the week my housemate was using metal tongs in it!!! scratches everywhere!!! common sense did not occur to her!!! im usually a wuss too about telling them to be careful how they use my stuff. i was so upset thou! so i dont’t buy anything new or good anymore – our lease ends in oct and i am moving out!!!!

  7. Wow, good going with the running. I totally understand the “where has my fitness gone?” scenario but you’ll get it back and I will too.

    Share houses…loved them once but I’d hate it now BUT then I’d like ’em too. The good and the bad with any situation hey. I miss the social aspecy of a share house. We all got to responsible and serious (well, to a degree).

    Good thinking about “why” you’re going to BB. Actually, pretty darn good realisation that we all should go through. We don’t have to be the best but it’s good to try for ourselves.

    We’ve got a Hula Hoop class coming up with the Sydney Bloggers and I reckon that’s going to put us all to the test. I know I can’t hula hoop but I going to bloody well try and have fun at the same time. Definitely won’t be olympians!

    Is your house the problem by any chance? Like sick work building syndrome? Maybe it’s time to move?

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