I decided I was well enough to go to the gym tonight and do my weights workout but when I got on the treadmill to warmup, ended up doing a bit of a run for half an hour. I’m feeling fine so no harm done.

Tonight was my first time doing my new weights program without my personal trainer. I wanted to get in and do it before I forgot what I had to do. I think I did most of it right. She had down 35 kgs for the lat pulldown and that felt incredibly light so I put it up to 45 kgs. Not sure if she’d written it down wrong or my lats have just become super strong!

Afterwards, I headed to the steam room. I’m not a fan of the steam but humidity is very good for bronchitis so I sweated out 20 minutes in there. It worked a treat going by what I hoiked up on the way home. Oh yeah, that is definitely too much info! Sorry.

Tomorrow I’m planning on some light cardio and then body balance class, Friday an easy run. Hopefully I’ll be all shiny new by then.

I’ve decided I’m going to be at my goal weight before I go to Sydney. I can do that.


5 responses to “Oops…

  1. We can call you ‘Super Lat Girl’.

  2. Miss Slimmer Palooza

    Good work with the exercise when feeling ~under the weather~
    Do you enjoy doing exercise & going to a gym?

  3. Half an hour running and you’re not feeling well??? You’re my hero!

  4. You are so going to be at goal.. no doubt!! *grin*
    I am also noticing that the weights are getting too easy for me. Maybe there has been a global shift in weight recently? mmmm interresting thought!!

  5. You’ll definitely be at goal, well done!

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