I went to the podatrist on the weekend. She said my feet were great, they aren’t diabetic feet at all. That rocks. I always thought I had great feet but it’s nice to have an expert confirm it.

She gave me a list of running shoes that are best for my feet so as soon as I get some funds, I’m going shopping. I guess there is no point buying them until I get over this sickness because it would kill me to have new running shoes and not test them out. She also told me a place to get good orthapedic ugly but comfy shoes for walking to work. It’s a factory outlet and just around the corner from home so worth checking out.

I am looking at running shoes now. Man, someo of them are ugly. I’m sure my podiatrist said I need purple shoes. Or maybe red. Red make you run faster.

Hey, I figured it out – they make running shoes ugly so you run faster. You don’t want anyone to see you in ugly shoes.


8 responses to “Feet

  1. LOL! I heard him say purple.

    The running faster so people dont see you in ugly shoes comment CRACKED me up.

    So much I had to use capitals.

  2. hehe – yip you’ll definately want to be going at a fair speed to avoid being seen. πŸ˜‰

  3. My dumb feet only fit in running shoes made in blue – usually baby blue with silver bits!
    I sooooo wanted red running shoes.

  4. I don’t care how comfortable and how ‘good for my feet’ ugly shoes are – i’m soooo not wearing them!!

  5. My sis and I call orthopedic shoes, ‘chemist’ shoes.

    Now – in your last post you said your friend came round for birhtday drinks. Was it your birthday??

  6. I have red and grey shoes, I used to have light blue ones.. I DEFINATELY go faster in my new ones πŸ˜‰ I want ones with lights on them!!!

  7. Yeah! Red definitely makes you run faster and purple well, they’re the best colours πŸ™‚ I think most gym shoes are ugly and those that aren’t are bloody useless for support. Run baby run….LOL.

  8. I hate buying sports shoes – there aren’t many in size 11. The ones I have now are comfortable but they’re so old the white bits are a dull mushroomy grey/taup/pink – I think the soles have entire new life forms growing in them.

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