Before and After

I thought I’d post these two pictures together. One was taken about five years (the one on the left that is) and the other is the recent one that I posted a few days ago. It’s good to remember myself how far I’ve come for those days I feel fat and miserable.


13 responses to “Before and After

  1. I had to come out of lurkdom for this.
    You are stunning.
    And you have done an absolutely amazing job.
    You are simply AMAZING.

  2. Wow! Congratulations for all that you’ve accomplished over the past 5 years. I know how much work it must have taken.

  3. In both photos your personality still shines through!

  4. Nicole (SummersComing)

    WOW! You look great!

  5. Using the words of an old cliche “A picture (or two) say a milion words” – what an amazing difference – well done on what you have achieved !

  6. WOW!! I would be printing this out and putting it in my wallet to carry around. That way when you next get a case of the “oh crap I don’t feel like going to the gym” you can whip this out and get all enthused again.

    It is a sensational difference and you should be bloody proud of yourself. This didn’t happen because you took a magic pill one night, you worked your butt off the old fashioned way. And your waist, and your bust, and your legs…..

    Have a great weekend Kathryn, hope the med’s kick in and you start feeling better x

  7. Look.

    Sheeesh, you have worked bloody hard.

  8. You look amazing, I love your new profile photo. Sorry to hear that you’re not well. Hope you feel better soon. At least the weekend is nearly here.
    Rest up and take care of yourself.

  9. HOLY SHIT WOMAN!!! You deserve a medal!!! *big hug*. I am so so so proud of you! See, all that hard work is so worth it!!!

  10. WOW! You look amazing!


  11. Look at you go! Simply amazing!

    I LOVE the new look too – had to check I had come to the right blog there for a second.

  12. Fantastic before & after! You have worked so hard and come so far. I am so proud of you. You are my poster girl!! Love your style too.

  13. You have come so far Kathryn – you should be very proud of all you have achieved!





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