I’m blushing from all the compliments. I’ve got to admit, they are flattering photos and I don’t look like that in real life. I wore my new dress to work today. I’m always torn when I buy something new that I love – I want to wear it straight away but I also don’t want to use up all the magic. Today I couldn’t resist. Normally I wear a singlet then a couple of long sleeved tee shirts with a jumper or cardigan over the top to work. It keeps me warm but sometimes I feel so frumpy and ungirlie. My lovely new dress is 30% wool and lined, so I wore it and stayed toasty warm without even turning my heater on.

This morning I went to the doctor. He said I have bronchitis and I need antibiotics, he also admited my duffel coat and told me about the one he had when he was young that he loved, but best of all, he said I should be back exercising by the weekend (just in time for the NRG run with the Ausrun girls!). All things going well, I can do my first solo run through of the program my PT created for me this weekend too. It’s weird… when I first went to her, she was reluctant to give me a program because she prefered working with clients.. blah, blah, blah.. now she’s got a promotion to another branch so giving me a program was no bother. Suits me fine and it’s a good program – exercises that work multiple muscle groups plus my core so I get lots of bang for my buck with a short routine. I have one last session with her in a few weeks to refine things and ensure my form is right so it’s all good. I’m going to be buff like Buffy.

Other good things include seeing the podiatrist and dietician soon. I have appointments set up and I will be picking their brains extensively. I haven’t been tracking lately but think I’ll go back to it so I can get show the dietician and get her to really fine tune things.


4 responses to “Blush

  1. I can’t wait till i feel comfortable in dresses and girly clothes 🙂 Not long to go i’m sure!! I am very much a jeans kinda girl… oh well.
    Glad you went to the doc, I hope you can rid yourself of this flu once and for all now!!

  2. It’s wonderful being able to wear girly clothes! I don’t think I commented yesterday (brain is turning to mush here!) but you look wonderful, just wonderful, in your new clothes. Glad to hear that the flu might finally be on it’s way!

  3. woohooo – great to hear you’ll soon be on your feet.

  4. Bronchitis is not a good thing but great that it has be diagnosed and you will be back to normal as soon as the meds kick its sorry butt back where it should be.

    Yay on wearing the dress out. I have been eyeing a heap of the dresses at Portmans lately and think one will be on the shopping list next pay. Are you a member of e-port? On their site you can register and get a gift voucher and 15% discount card. I am waiting for mine to be delivered.

    Sorry – got sidetracked – you still look hot!! 😀

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