Celebrity Slimdowns

Usually I have no interest in the goings on of celebrities – I’ve got enough shit to deal with in my own life without worrying about Paris Hilton or Victoria Spice Girl or some other airhead – but today my sister and I got sucked into watching Celebrity Slimdowns on cable. I can only blame my raging fever.

The thing that struck us both was that, with the possible exception of Oprah Winfrey, every single one of them looked better before. They showed Jennifer Aniston early on in Friends. She was a good looking girl. Jennifer Aniston now – a bag of bones in a designer dress. Same with Geri Halliwell and the chick that plays Sammi on Days of our Lives.

I remember reading something that said the reason for the trend towards skinniness was because most fashion dictators are gay men. They are attracted to body shapes that resemble young boys. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I’d say the fashion dictators today are more like necrophiliacs – they are attracted to cadavers. I watched the Corpse Bride the other night and she looked better than most of these stars.

Does anyone really find that look attractive? When you look at the woman in Hollywood with realistic bodies, stars like Kate Winslet and Rose McGowan, now they are really hot.


7 responses to “Celebrity Slimdowns

  1. Even the ‘normal’ healthy looking celebs are skinny – it’s not natural to have to work THAT hard to keep yourself THAT thin. Tab (do they still make that stuff??) and laxatives (well you know about THEM now don’t you!!) can’t be a good diet.

  2. How funny – I was just watching an ‘E’ special on the 25 most sexiest people and Jess Simpson was one of them because of her gorgeous curves and ‘real’ body. Obviously an old show.. If TV is meant to add 10 kilos how skinny do they look in real life?? Hope your cold goes away fast.

  3. I was just lamenting the fact that Kate Bosworth has fallen victim to the trend. She looked so good in Blue Crush with a nice healthy body, but now all her bones are showing. Not a good look on anyone.

  4. ‘Celeb skinny’ is not attractive, healthy or appealing in my eyes.

  5. I have to agree – the skin and bones look doesn’t appeal to me at all. Actually I don’t know any guys who it appeals to either !
    Good luck with getting rid of your cold – you really have had a bad run with your health lately – take care and look after yourself !


    How the hell would want to look THAT thin? I was looking a pic of one of the Nicole and she looked like an OLD lady all boney and yuck!

  7. I couldn’t agree more!! I don’t want to be skinny and gross like that at all. I like curves!!! I WANT curves!!! And who wants to have to live like that? I like food!!!

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