I got up this morning and got on the scales – stupid, I know – and I’d put on A LOT of weight. So, of course, I feel into a big funk thinking I’d ruined everything. Then I had stupid thoughts: I’d spend today eating nothing and exercise myself into oblivion. That is so not the way to do things.

When I’d settled down, I talked some sense into myself. Realistically, I’d only gone over my usual calories by about 1,000 or so. Okay maybe 1,500. There is no way that would add a hefty 3 kgs onto my weight. I mean, if went to the gym and did 1,000 calories worth of exercise, I wouldn’t suddenly lose 3 kgs.

I think a lot of the gain is water retention. I ate way more carbos than normal yesterday (not that I do the low carb thing at all) and carbs hold water. Plus salty food.

Then I worked out my calender. Woohoo, I’m surely in the PMT zone. I’ve never been happier about an approaching period. Well maybe a few times when I was young and foolish and careless.

I can recover from this. Often when I think about making this being for life, I see it as being HEALTHY every single day forever, but then I realised I could look at it the other way around. Not that I can be piggy for the rest of my life, but that one day of stupid eating is not so dramatic in the broader scheme of things. It’s a delay not a derailment.


5 responses to “Ruined?

  1. You are correct about salty foods and carbs, i’m always heavier the next day if I have eaten these things. I’m sure you’ll see a difference tomorrow. Like you said one day of bad eating can’t make you put on 3kg, I bet what you ate didn’t even weigh that much. Well maybe !!! LOL. Just kidding.

  2. Glad you sorted through that 3 kilo gain and worked out all the reasons. I don’t think it was stupid to go on the scales this morning.You knew you had “stuffed” up a bit yesterday and if you hadn’t gone on and saw the dreaded number you may not have reigned yourself in and had a good day today to make up. The scales can be our enemy but they can also be a good friend and help us a long.
    You are doing so well and are now so close – you are going to get there very soon. You are such a prolific poster, it’s great to get such regular updates. I am in awe of your running acheievements, you are amazing!!

  3. 1 day isn’t even a derailment babe – life is like that sometimes in fact you just boosted your metabolism by having that binge – now make good use of the spike :p

  4. One day of overeating won’t undo all your hard work darl. Do what you know works, pull the reigns in and you’ll be fine.

    PS: “Vogue” was playing on the sound system at the train station this morning. Thought of you!!

  5. Hi there…pleased to see you didn’t let the scales get you down…I think sometimes I tend to let my emotions run away full steam after a scale reading instead of taking it in my stride and thinking about what’s been happening or will be happening…good on you for a positive attitude. have a great

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