Weigh In – 70.5 kgs

Woohoo! That’s a whopping great 1.5 kg loss! Go me! I’m the man! One lousy half a kilo (approx 1 pound for all you non-metric folk) and I’m at goal!

See how excited I am? I’m using coloured fonts. I never use coloured fonts. I thought I’d weigh in today and again tomorrow then move to Saturdays after that. I’m so happy. I think after being sick for so long then going back to 6 days a week cardio, my metabolism has gone crazy. So long as I get that 0.5 kg loss next week, I’ll be happy.

I’ve been thinking that maybe 68 kgs might be my ideal weight now though. Mainly because all the cardio equipment at the gym has that as the default weight so I would have to adjust the machines. Yeah, I’m that lazy.


I had been planning to go for a run this morning but then I realised I want to go for a long run tomorrow and I’m meeting with Deegee for a run on Sunday. I think three days in a row will be too much for my little legs to handle. The alternatives are to go for a long run this morning then have a rest day tomorrow or to go to the gym after work and do some cardio plus a yoga class or run today then rest tomorrow and have a long run on Sunday.

Thinking about it, and since I’m still having poo issues, I might go to the gym after work and have a run plus the yoga class. That branch also has a dvd library so I can get out some dvds to watch tonight. Then make Sunday my long run and have Saturday as a rest. That works for me since I’ve got other stuff to Saturday anyway. I love it when I work out a good plan.

Yesterday I felt something I haven’t felt for months – hot! It was such an unseasonally warm day and I’ve finally got around to buying a little heater for my poor heated office. I love that heater. It’s so much more comfortable working without my coat on. I even took off my jumper for a while and managed in just 4 layers of clothing! At lunch time I wandered over to the park and sat in the sun. Why can’t it always be like this? Hurry up summer with your glorious weather and daylight savings.

You know what rocks? Black and Green (I think that’s the right name) chocolate. I’ve heard people like Dietgirl and YP talk about this chocolate on their blogs and saw it at my local organic shop. Man, it’s like they’ve distilled the essense of goodness from the chocolate and concentrated it in one tiny bar. I felt like every taste bud in my mouth was having an orgasm as I ate it. What makes it even more special is, because the flavour and satisfaction are so intense, you can happily eat part of a small bar then realise you’ve had enough and put the rest in the fridge for later. Well I could and I never do that with chocolate.
You know, I used to think I was unco-ordinated and lacked flexibility because I was fat. Now I realise I’m just unco-ordinated and lack flexibility.

17 responses to “Weigh In – 70.5 kgs

  1. Congrats Kathryn – that is huge. well done.

  2. You go girl! Wohooot! It’s getting really close. =D
    Well done.

  3. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – well done on a fantastic loss and so close to goal now !!
    Well done – hope that your runs are all good and have a great weekend.

  4. Great about the loss. I don’t know what you are expecting from a long run on Sunday, but bring the crash cart.

  5. Wow – thought something big must be going on for their to be big red font!! You sound just full of optimism and alertness. If that is what weight loss brings then bring it on baby – once I’ve had the baby that is!!

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaay. What a fantastic loss. Go you. So close to goal you sexy girl.

    And watch out for that chocolate. It is so yummy it is difficult to stop at one, or two, or twenty pieces LOL.

    And there is nothing wrong with a 68kg goal. Lovely number that. Hope to see it on my blog soon too 😀

  7. “Mainly because all the cardio equipment at the gym has that as the default weight so I would have to adjust the machines.”

    Funny stuff! Good job woman! I’m proud o’ you.

  8. Congratulations on a great loss Kathryn!

    All the best raching your goal next week! 😀


  9. GO KATH!!! That’s brilliant!! You are so, so close now – you’ll be there very very soon. Can’t wait to add you to the “At Goal” section on my side bar.

    Green & Black organic chocolate is da bomb, I agree. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s so rich that we can stop at just a little bit, or whether we have such good self control now!! (a bit of both I think!)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Woohoo…nearly there!!!

  11. WOOHOOO Great loss hunny! That’s wicked.

    I love your last line there – too funny

  12. 500grams. My god you are so so sos so close!!

    Congrats on the huge loss!

  13. OMG half a kilo to go! How does it feel? You deserve to use the coloured fonts!!! I am so so so proud of you!
    I want chocolate now 😦 (got PMS)

  14. Fantastic Stuff! Well done that woman. There is nothing like pulling a big loss out the bag.

    Sadly – I cannot stop at just a bit of Green and Blacks. In fact on last week I gorged on half a huge bar. Whoops.

  15. woohoo! that is a killer result, well done! and once the poo issues are resolved, you might even get to 68 next week 😉

    G&B’s rules! I can eat a wee bar of the dark stuff and be satisfied. not so much restraint with their milk and white bars though… hehe!

    (PS i read your story on that chicago thingy, i loved it!)

  16. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

    What a fantastic loss Kathryn – it’s goal next week for sure!

    *fingers crossed*

  17. Congratulations! That is such an accomplishment. Well done.

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