Adventures in Poo!

The laxative didn’t work (but I did find out the correct spelling). I feel like I have a ticking time bomb in my belly now. I got to the gym after work and was warming up for my PT session when I felt the need so ran to the loos but it was no dice. I tried my hardest cos with the money I pay my PT there’s no way in hell I’d excuse myself mid-session just for a poo. It would be literally money down the drain.

Arrghh – we had a new Spin instructor tonight. He came in dressed like he was taking part in the Tour d’France (that’s the big bike race, yeah?) – fully co-ordinated cycling gear from the cap on his head to the shoes and that included his drink bottle.

The class started and he got off the bike and came over to me. He turned my resistance back to zero then told me to pick up the pace. I was like dude, where’s your spin instructor licence? Well not really cos I only thought of that one now but seriously, in every class I’ve ever done the one thing they tell you over and over is NEVER spin with no resistance.

Sure I might not have been going as fast as he’d like but it was the frigging warm up.

Then every track we did but one was a sprint. Boring. And, for the non-sprint track we had to do this standing and sitting in groups. The girl beside me and I got in trouble cos we didn’t know what group were in. It was very high school PE class.

Even worse – all but two tracks were these latino dance mixes. Then we had Vogue by Madonna (that was for the sit, stand group thing). I hate that song so much.

Oh yeah, and toward the end of the class, he asked if anyone wanted their water bottle topped up. I’ve been in classes where the instructor will go fill your bottle so you don’t have to get off the bike but he was using his own water bottle for the top ups. Gross.

I’m thinking of ringing the gym tomorrow and putting in a complaint. I don’t want to be a whingy bitch but I think with the resistance thing, if that had been my first class I could have end up injuring myself.


5 responses to “Adventures in Poo!

  1. money down the drain! priceless! 🙂

    i say ring up and complain! every instructor i’ve ever had says no resistance is dangerous. and what a jerk to single you out like that. urgh.

  2. I would complain, too! What an obnoxious man… and you are totally right to be grossed out by the refill situation. Cuz you wanna drink his backwash? Gross, gross, gross!

    I hated PE. It sucked. I’m convinced if they revamped the PE program kids would get thinner again. It’s not conducive to making kids enjoy exercise.

  3. I would definitely be ringing in to complain – he sounds like a real dork !
    Hope your next class is better.

  4. I would definintley complain! I mean seriously – I suppose that’s why RPM can be good because instructors CAN’T just do their own thing. I know you can spin with no resistance (used for warm ups and recovery) so not worried abpout that , but you shouldn’t get told off and you should have the control over your resistance not him! Plus water bottle issue = EWWW sick

  5. The gym definitely should be told about that Spin guy – filling water bottles that way is just not on! Ewwww. Let us know that the gym says if you do!

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