Eating is not a hobby

After yesterday’s post, I thought I’d look at some of my issues. A really big one for me at the moment is that since I’ve been sick, I’ve been restricted in what I do. I get bored. I hate watching tv and the internet is only entertaining for so long. But eating is not a hobby! Next weekend, I’m going to plan ahead so I don’t get bored. I will get new hobbies like sorting out my MP3 folders.

Another of my issues is not speaking out so I started working on that tonight. I put up a sign in the kitchen saying – Whoever took my tea towel, please return it. Who steals someone’s tea towel anyway? Maybe the same person who stole my sister’s cake of soap from the bathroom.


6 responses to “Eating is not a hobby

  1. CaramelKitKat

    So that’s what happened to my first year uni housemates! Within a few months it turned into using a toilet bag between your room and the bathroom, having a locked tucker box each and a bar fridge in my (locked) room. We had some great times, but I don’t miss share living. Now that you are living with your sister is there any chance that you and her could find a smaller place?

  2. Clicked to you from Els blog. Eating is my favorite hobby too! I need to find another hobby *L* Good luck getting your tea towel back … what a bummer!

  3. I guess taking up knitting isn’t an option?

  4. Come visit me and you will go back home speaking up so much that they will want to kill me 🙂

    Good for you for standing up for yourself. I have been reading a ton lately and like Sue said, am thinking about learning to knit, God help the receipients of those things.

  5. Yikes, i’m so glad I don’t have to cope with all of that. At least I know if the tea towel goes missing that it was DH that did something with it and I can give him a roasting!! LOL.
    Have a great week.

  6. You need your own space by the sounds of things. That’s fucking rediculous.

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