Guess What I’m Wearing?

My wish jeans! Woohoo! I hadn’t tried them on for ages and this morning as I put away my laundry, I spotted them and thought I’d give them a try.

When I bought the wish jeans, I only thought about getting a cheap pair in a size 12 that I could use to test my size. The thing I didn’t consider is that they are UGLY. Damn it. But at least they fit.

Yesterday I left work early and went to the gym. I thought it would be nice and quiet and it was – but the gym is in a shopping centre. And it’s school holiday time. When I got changed, I realised I’d forgotten my socks so I had to run through the crowded food court – complete with Ronald McDonald show on the stage – to the sport shop to buy some. In my gym clothes.

After my workout, I went to Ikea. Yum, I love their Swedish Meatballs. They had a late lunch special with meatballs, a packet of biscuits and soft drink for $6.50. I’d planned to NOT eat the biscuits but I tried one and damn they are good. I had about 6 in the end. Curse Ikea and their fine biscuits.

Then I went to Preston Market. I’ve only been there once in the past 4-5 months because of the car thing. First up I went to the bakery section. The ladies asked me if I’d dyed my hair and commented on my weight loss. Then they asked me all about Andrew. It was really sweet that they even remembered who I was. They must have thousands of customers.

I bought so much food I could barely carry it back to the car. I think I had about 4 kgs of apples alone – I eat so many of them and the Pink Ladies were around $2 a kilo so I had to stock up.

Today the plan is to go over to Albert Park for a run. Tomorrow I’m going to do a huge cook up then do a Body Balance class – I need to stretch out my tired old body.


9 responses to “Guess What I’m Wearing?

  1. Body balance – thats the one class I have been too scared to try!

  2. Congratulations on the wish jeans! I bet it felt great slipping them on!

    You have made me wonder if I need a pair of wish jeans…

  3. Congratulations on getting into those jeans, even if they are ugly…lol

    Hope you enjoy your run at Albert Park:)

  4. I put on my starting jeans yesterday…a pair I bought on my first day of nondieting, the pair that are so huge, yet still barely buckled over my belly, that started it all. And now they are so huge, I can’t wear them anymore. I can pull them off without undoing them!

    Sweet Victory, eh? Good for you and your 12s!

  5. ahh freedom! Don’t you love the freedom that having a car gives to you. (LOL my word verification is rudze I laughed)

  6. congrats on the wish jeans!!!!

  7. how cool that those ladies remembered you? 🙂 and good on ya with the jeans. that RULES 🙂

  8. Who cares if they’re ugly – they fit!

  9. YAY for fitting into your wish jeans – good for you !!! **does a little jiggle of happiness because I can remember how I felt when I put my size 10 jeans on **
    Have a great week !

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