My Exercise Motivation Tips…

More to re-inspire myself than anyone else:

  • Say to myself “I love going to the gym” even if I don’t mean it. I can brainwash myself into thinking it.
  • Don’t get into inner dialogues with myself. When I’m having that “I don’t want to go to the gym … but I should go…” shite happening in my brain, it’s like trying to control two squabbling toddlers. The best thing to do is tell the voices to STFU. They’ll still be arguing by the time I finish my workout.
  • Don’t say “I *should* go to the gym” or “I might go to the gym” – say “I’m going to the gym”. You don’t wake up of a morning and think “I *should* go to work”, you just get up and go. If you start to question it, you’d chuck a sickie and stay in bed. Same with the gym.
  • Get a crush on a cute guy at the gym.
  • Have a playlist of good songs on the ipod that are “gym only”.
  • Get rid of tv and only watch favourite shows at the gym.
  • Put on daggy workout clothes before leaving work so you have to go to the gym to get changed into something decent to go home.
  • Wear dodgy knickers and have the comfy ones in your gym bag for after the workout.
  • Pay huge personal trainer fees so that you never miss a session.

I did go to the gym tonight but I had to really push myself. And I did a stupid thing. Normally I pin my locker key onto my towel but tonight I forgot. When I finished my workout, I found my key in the toilets. I realised I didn’t have my ipod on the way home — YIKES!!! I phoned the gym and they couldn’t find it in my locker (I remembered the locker number I had – aren’t I a dag) . Either someone stole it or I left it at work – no money or anything else taken so I’m really hoping it’s at work.

I planned to go for a run before work tomorrow. Now I’m going to have to listen to the boringly annoying sounds of nature rather than Hard Rock!


3 responses to “My Exercise Motivation Tips…

  1. OMG – I think I need to adopt your list!!! Glad to hear about the Bali holiday – I’m so freakin jealous! Not so good news about the ipod – hope its at work.

  2. Bugger, I hope you find your ipod! Enjoyed your short story, by the way.

  3. I like your list too, especially the ‘get a crush’. 🙂
    My biggest motivation is not getting the third degree by gym-buddies when I missed some classes. *rolling eyes*
    I hope you find your ipod back at work!

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