I got my car back from the mechanic today – it ended up needing a new battery on top of everything else. Damn it. Still it’s good to have wheels again. When I got home, I changed and headed to the gym. Usually I go to Fitness First in the city but tonight I went to Victoria Gardens. It’s so nice to just run, do your workout then head home instead of hanging around the city in the freezing cold waiting for a tram because they never seem to run that often after 7 pm.

While I was there, I got the timetable for both the Richmond gyms – they have heaps of weekend classes which rocks – I hate going into the city on the weekend and it’s too hard to get to Richmond on public transport. I think Saturday morning I’ll go to boxing class then head over to Albert Park for a run.

In un-diet related news, I got an email tonight about a short story I’d written – asking if it could be included in an anthology. I hadn’t even sent it to them – the editor had seen it on a website. Woohoo – this gives me such a boost because I’ve been working on my novel for so long which is a gruelling process without any immediate gains. Sometimes you wonder if you are just wasting your time. Anyway, if anyone is interested, the story is here – but be warned it’s an “adult” story with explicit content.


7 responses to “News

  1. That story was incredible. Not for the feint hearted, but I like someone who pushes an envelope…

    ‘Scuse me, it’s bedtime πŸ˜‰

  2. Hmmm… I couldn’t access your story from my work so it must be a rudie. Well done.
    How exciting that you have wheels again.

  3. Ooh, I read this story a while ago when you first set up your writing site!! Fantastic news!! I hope it’s the start of something big for you.

  4. Congrats big time on the story….these things really seem to help with the old confident boost. Will have a read at home tonight cos I don’t want to be caught at work reading explicit stories 8-). Have fun with your

  5. Don’t think I should have read your story at work……

  6. Awww I can’t access your story 😦 They blocked the site here at work (very strict) BUT hopefully i’ll be able to see it later from home.

    Glad you got the car back!! Enjoy being free again *grin*

  7. hehe, i like πŸ˜‰

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