It looks like my holiday will be delayed – I spoke…

It looks like my holiday will be delayed – I spoke to my sister last night – she said August and early September are out for her. Damn it, I need to defrost now. Still it gives me more time to work on my Bali Beach Body Blitz.

I had a huge day of exercise yesterday. Let me tell you, if you turn up early for an hour long Cycle class, killing time on the stepper is a BAD idea. I got home too stuffed to move. The Cycle class was hell – not so much the exercise but suffering through an hour of really shite music plus I couldn’t hear the instructor over the music and she kept muttering. In the end I just did my own thing.

I’d planned a run before work this morning but woke up with a sore leg so decided to wait and see how I feel tonight. I might leave work early, pick up my car then go to the gym. My mechanic rang yesterday – it’s all going to cost more than I’d expected so I asked him if he could leave off servicing it for a fortnight but he’d already started doing it! What the hell… I’d not told him to do that. But, of course, he couldn’t find all the other things that were wrong if he hadn’t started the service. And, how’s this for sucking… the reason for the flat tyre was that someone had stabbed it with a screwdriver!!! People are arse, they really are.


3 responses to “It looks like my holiday will be delayed – I spoke…

  1. Miss Slimmer Palooza

    Good luck with the holiday planning – how exciting spending lazy warm days on a beach!

  2. Why are people so mean?? Why would anyone want to put a screwdriver in a tyre that they have no idea who it belongs to? Just angers me no end!! (getting off soapbox now).

    Must be great to have your car back again though.

  3. People really are nasty! I just don’t understand what they get out of doing things like that to other peoples things??
    Well done on the extra long gym session though 🙂 Hope your leg gets better so you can go for a nice long run tomorrow!!!

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