Random Thoughts and My Weekend

On Friday, my mum came over to visit for the weekend. I met up with her in the city at lunch time. I forget how slow my mum is… walking around the city I had to keep stopping and waiting for her. Even when I did this exagerratedly slow walk like one of those old Chinese women who had their feet bound. In the end, I left her sitting on a bench while I ran off and did my errands because otherwise it would have taken all day.

After that Mum decided she didn’t want to go shopping but I talked her into going to Target because I needed a pair of Hello Kitty PJs. They are the coolest. I got home and put them on then called the RACV to get my car fixed. I didn’t think the RACV would fix my car because they have a disclaimer on their site about not fixing existing faults but I rang them and they were okay with it. The man pumped up my tyres – he thought they’d been purposely let down – and got me on the road, so I took the car to my mechanic for phase 2 of the Get The Car On The Road Plan. Woohoo.

Things I can do when my car is going:

  • Go to Albert Park and fulfill my dream of running around the lake (when I started running, I went to Albert Park and totally surprised myself by running a WHOLE km without stopping. At the time I swore I’d come back to do a lap of the lake).
  • Go to Preston Market to do my shopping
  • Drive around singing loudly

Sure I could do all that and more on public transport, but it would be damn painful.

Friday night, my family went to the footy – boring. I went out for drinks with my friend, Sugar Lips instead. Then we came home and watched Wolf Creek. How funny is that movie? Sure it’s meant to be a horror movie but we couldn’t stop thinking John Jarrat was going to make a coffee table or decorative water feature out of the victims!

Saturday morning I went for a run at Princes Park with Deegee and Steph from the Ausrun forum – the inaugural meetup of the Northern Running Group (NRG). It was great to meet them and go for my first outdoor run since getting sick.

I spend most of the afternoon at the hairdressers getting red foils. She did the colour and it didn’t take so she had to bleach my hair down and redo it. Very time consuming.

Yesterday I did nothing. I had planned on going food shopping but I’d sent Andrew down to the ATM with my keycard on Friday to get money to pay the RACV man and he’d not given it back to me. He does that every time I send him somewhere with my keycard. Luckily, I had most of the food I needed because I’d offered to cook a family dinner.

I made chicken pinwheels – chicken mince, cheese and bacon rolled in pastry. Very delicious and not diet friendly but it’s so hard to cook for my mum because she doesn’t eat most of my staple foods – garlic, spices, capsicum… Now the pinwheels themselves would have been okay if I’d showed some restraint but, stupidly, I decided to precook them to save time later. That meant I had a huge plate of yummy pastries sitting in my fridge all day… and you all know where this story’s going. Damn me.

I also made my fave dessert – baked pears. They are so delish and so easy. You just cut pears in half, take out the core. Top them with some honey and a splash of booze (I used cointreau because it’s the only booze I have) and, if you want, you can put other stuff – chopped nuts etc but I didn’t. Cook them for about 10-15 mins and serve with icecream (or custard or yoghurt or whatever).

I think I’m developing a problem – there is a very funky clothes shop near my house, the place I got my red dotty dress and I laybyed my new black dress. Well now they have the cutest top in the window, white with cherries on it. So far I’ve resisted the urge to go in and try it on. I mean, I’ve got car repairs to pay for. I can’t keep buying clothes.


7 responses to “Random Thoughts and My Weekend

  1. The singing loudly might cause SOME issues on public transport! Or maybe you’d just blend right in…
    When your car is fixed, you’ll be able to drive quickly past that shop and not be tempted by classy clothes.

  2. Dont forget to take your $2 to AP for the new parking meters… That was good of the RACV guy.

  3. oh, lovin the sound of your new pjs!!!!
    hair sounds rather funky too!

  4. But buying clothes is the BEST bit about losing weight. (ok maybe not the BEST, but its definately on the top 10)

  5. Unfortunately the money you saved not eating tons of junk food is put to new clothes – the wallet never wins, but at least the waistline does 🙂

    Have a great week and I hope it doesn’t take too long for your car to be back on the road!

  6. I say buy the top, otherwise it will just call to you until someone else buys it and then you’ll be pissed off!

  7. Yay, you are almost on the road again!!! And yes, you should sing aloud, I do it all the time!!! Just don’t do what I do and forget that the window is wide open…

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