Yesterday my sister emailed me: she’s thinking about heading to Bali in July or early August and wanted to know if I felt like going with her. All I have to pay for is my airfare and poolside cocktails. Mmmm…. had to think about for all of five seconds.

Well actually have to talk to my boss today to work out about having time off work and that type of thing, so haven’t been getting too excited.

Woohoo, the last time (well the only time) I went to Bali, I was huge! We went to the markets and all the women kept telling me they had clothes for me, then they’d pull out something that was like a size 18 and try to squeeze my size 26 body into it.

Now I can go shopping for cheapie clothes and know I’ll get stuff that fits even with teeny Asian sizing.

And it will be warm… so warm! I can lie on the beach and beside the pool and not have to worry about 19 layers of clothing!

But, don’t worry, I’ve also been thinking about where I’ll be able to run and if we’ll have a gym at our hotel. Also, what do you eat in Bali that isn’t covered in peanut sauce?

Update: my boss is fine with me taking hols. Now I just need to organise the dollars.

4 responses to “Holiday?

  1. A holiday in Bali! How great is that? You so deserve it! Hmmm, lying on the beach, sipping some yummy cocktails… Have fun girl! And don’t forget to take loads of pictures so we can have our share of Bali too… 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous. Bali is one of my favourite places in the world, I’ve been 12 times!!! There’s plenty to eat, be adventurous. So many good fruits and grilled seafoods and yummy healthy stuff, or else go for the Nasi Gorengs they’re awesome (though probably a little oily!) I can’t wait to go back when I will be able to fit into cheap boardies that aren’t the guys XL sizes. You’ll have a ball. Enjoy!!!

  3. Lots of steamed veges!

  4. How exciting! 😀

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