I walked to work this morning then, about an hour later, got up to go to the coffee shop and was aching all over. I could hardly walk from the pain. I had a Lemsip in my bag but the effort of walking upstairs to the kitchen nearly did me in. The rest of the day, I felt woozy and out of it.

I got home tonight and had a short nap and now I feel a million dollars. I don’t know if I’m getting better or if it’s just the Lemsip kicking in. If I feel this good tomorrow, I’m going to the gym for a light workout. I’m supposed to have a personal training session on Thursday but I might put that off – I don’t want to pay for a session if I can’t push myself.

I think the best move is to keep to light workouts for the rest of the week, have some early nights and take things easy. Fingers crossed this killer cold is finally leaving me.


12 responses to “Life

  1. Hiya

    I hope you are feeling better. What a nightmare. It’s been dragging on for ages. I think you are right to put off Thursday’s PT session till you get the best out of it.

    I meant to say as well. That dress is effing amazing! You look so good and fresh in it. And those cheekbones! You really look hot.

  2. You definately need some early early nights and VERY light workouts. AND you need some whisky!!! yes, it will cure you!!! Begone ye evil flu demon!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Hey Kathryn – just catching up on everything. A few comments about a few of your previous posts starting with the Grundies…that’s what I used to call the granny undies or stepins…I totally understand what you mean and had an escape plan like you – tell’s a lot about our character 😎 Emotional eating…there with you too. Have been very busy at work lately and in my new job have to deal with staff management which overwhelms me at times. I have to be tough but am really just a softee and then I worry about things and I catch myself in a state of panic ready to flee to the chip machine and suddenly snap back to reality and think you know that chips won’t solve that problem…food for thought so to say. Mostly – faaaaantaaastic photos. What a beautiful dress and how gorgeous you look in it. It must feel great. Hope you get back into tip top health

  4. You really are having a lousy time with your health lately – hope that your plan for the rest of the week is all it takes to get you right as rain again !
    Take care and look after yourself !

  5. Sounds like you’re on the improve but try and play it a bit safe for the rest of the week. Remember – party, party, party.

  6. damn @ cold, I got wiped out last week from it! poor thing, I think the early nights, lots of fluid and easy movements are a great idea ;D

    I totally agree with you on the PT and putting it off til you can really pushy yourself in them.

    I hope you feel better soon Hun

  7. ohh sounds like u are getting better…*touch wood*

    i think postponing the pt session is a good idea if you still aren’t feeling up to scratch!

  8. What a bugger your cold has been. But hopefully it is on it’s last legs and you can get yours moving the way you want again.

    And re the svelte belt. Just read about this on KT’s blog and am really curious. I have a couple of undie options but this sounds like something I could use to hide the belly wobbles under a fitted dress.

    Have a cracker day πŸ˜€

  9. i am just easing out of that really tired, everyting aches part and into the cough that sounds like you just smoked a packet part. Almost over I hope for you too – it sucks!

  10. I’m gonna say it again…take it easy! I say this because I pushed myself last year and was sick for 3 weeks in bed. Just worried about you hon and hope you get better real soon.

  11. awww sorry about this nasty cold. it is crap feeling crap!

    Sve yourself the money of the PT session, do it when you can put your 100% in I reckon, you will get your moneys worth then.


  12. Hey there!
    If I were you I wouldn’t try anything too much while you’re still sick, I made that mistake a few days ago by trying to go for a run while I had tonsilitis. The aches in my whole body have lasted me DAYS now… it’s just not worth it! Just tell yourself how good it’ll feel to get going when you can apply yourself 100%!
    Get well soon!

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