Sick … Again

I had the day off work sick again today. I so don’t need this – I need to work to get money to pay for car repairs and dental visits; I need to get well so I can go back to the gym. Hopefully I should be okay to go to work tomorrow.

I swear, half the problem is that the air conditioning doesn’t work in my office. I need to buy a heater to take in so I don’t freeze to death during the day. The other half the problem is that my house is so cold, it’s painful to leave my bedroom. Hurry up, summer!

Maybe I need a weekend in tropical Far North Queensland? Oh yeah, talking of hols, I’ve registered for the City To Surf and there is going to be a get together the night prior.


2 responses to “Sick … Again

  1. CaramelKitKat

    Might seem like a silly Q, but did you get niggling sickness that you couldn’t kick when you were (let’s not sugar coat it) fat? My aunty lost 40kg+ a few years ago, prior to which, other than being overweight, she was very healthy. Now she gets every little bug that goes around and it takes her ages to shake them. Her doc said that it’s not uncommon as people who lose lots have a weakened immune system until their body gets used to the new weight. Sounded a bit funny to me, but maybe there’s something to it??

  2. Mmm, or it could be that you do more now that you’ve lost all the weight? I find that because I run around more, I’m more exposed to all the elements and get caught in rain etc. I hope you get better real soon babe!

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