I have to learn that being sick isn’t a licence to eat shite. Instead of thinking – I’m sick, I need a treat – I should be thinking – I’m not exercising, I can’t afford a treat. But damn that cupcake I had today was fine. I just could have avoided the lollies and the chomp and the kinder chocolate and all those slices of bread with my health-giving soup.

Tomorrow I might make my Faux Vietnamese Soup – it’s a fantastic cold buster:

Heat some good stock (one of those tetra packs is fine). Add a shitload of garlic and ginger – I’m talking like half a cup of each. It’s got to be enough that your muscus-blocked nose can smell it. Add soy sauce. Fish sauce would prolly be good too (I don’t have any so I never use it).

Chop up some carrots in rounds, some capsicum, spring onion, etc. Add to the soup and throw in some chopped asian greens – bok choy or whatever is handy. Spinach will do if you have nothing else. If you have some cooked chicken then that is tops to throw in as well. It’s good to make the vegies all decorative and pretty but that depends on how sick you are. Sometimes just making it to the kitchen is enough.

Serve with a huge pile of chopped coriander (cilantro for you Americans) on top.

Lately I’ve been keeping track of my food in Excel – I used to just track day by day but having each week laid out in a spreadsheet is mighty handy because I can see my eating patterns. Friday is my big, bad, over-the-top eating day. I think on one hand because it’s my weigh in day. I’d like to think I don’t pigout after weighing myself but the truth is coming out. The other thing is that I’ve had things on every Friday for the past few Fridays. Friday binging has to stop.

I’ve also noticed I’ve been posting a lot more recipes lately. That’s a good thing – it means I’m getting more creative with my eating. I think a lot of that comes down to reorganising my schedule so I get home before 9 o’clock at night and just reheating whatever is handy. Not having a microwave makes you rely less on things like Lean Cuisine as well.

Hopefully this weekend I can get a big cook up done – I want to make more of the Moroccan Vegie Stew I made a few weeks ago. That was damn fine and a good base. I’d take a frozen container to work and add some parmesan cheese for my lunch or reheat it with some leftover meat at home. Every time I had it, I’d so something different so it wasn’t like having the same old boring meal.

I also want to make some chicken meatballs. I figure they’d be good to freeze and pull out when I need a quick and easy dinner – added to a pasta sauce or a stir fry.

I think that will be enough cooking.


2 responses to “Sick

  1. I track in Excel too and I agree, it’s a great way to see patterns in your eating. Great to see you cooking so much and I’ll look forward to seeing some more recipes, yum. I love winter food 🙂

  2. faux pho! that rules!

    just catching up on a few days. hope yer doing okay over there in lovely oz…

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