If you want something quick and easy and tasty and full of goodness for dinner (or lunch or breakfast), I highly recommend this: Baked Eggs. Damn fine. I changed the recipe around a bit – I put a layer of rocket and spinach on the bottom, then the eggs, then tomato and leek and parmesan on top.

It was damn fine. I think this will be a regular item on my menu. I had it with pumpkin and carrot mash and a slice of soy linseed bread. It also gives me a chance to use my pretty red ramekin that I got myself as one of my weight loss rewards (and have never used since).

10 responses to “Eggs

  1. Sounds YUM! Thanks for the link.

  2. Yummmm, indeed! Can you suggest a baking temp for those of us in the US? I’m not sure how to figure out the conversion…


  3. Forgive me & my American ways, but what the hell is rocket???

    Tamara-go to & put in grams to tablespoon converter & it does the calculations for you.

  4. Ah, thanks Paige! For the susggestion AND for asking about rocket. I was wondering, too, but forgot to ask!

  5. I learned that 180 degrees Celsius is 356 degrees Fahrenheit, or 350 as I’ll be rounding off (my oven’s dial doesn’t get quite that specific!)

    And 50 grams (of feta) is approx. 1.75 ounces.

  6. Eggs are fantastic. I never used to eat them when I was overweight. I”ll definitely be checking this out.

    Hope you’re having a great week Kath.

    Paige and Tamara, rocket is a cross between a lettuce and a herb! It is also called “arugula”. It has a very peppery flavour and is mostly used as leaves in salads, but can also be added to hot dishes like this where it wilts slightly (similar to baby spinach)or you can saute it.

  7. Thanks for that Phil – I was trying to think of the American word for rocket.

  8. Sounds really nice, I think i’ll try it on the weekend. Thanks for the link!

  9. Thanks, Phil. I looooove arugula. Good idea, Kathryn!

  10. Love eggs and this recipe, thanks!

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