I had my blood tests this morning. Damn it though, I had to wait in pathology until almost 10 o’clock and couldn’t eat until they’d sucked my blood out. I got out and ran into the cafe next door for a plate of scrambled eggs. How do people skip breakfast?

Tonight I had some of my writing workshopped in class. Usually I enjoy this – after all, it’s all about me – but tonight it was blah! My teacher always seems to stuff up photocopying my work. He’s stuck in some early part of the 20th century and doesn’t understand new fangled technology. Then everyone said my chapter was better *before* I rewrote it. I don’t agree so I’m sticking with my changes but it’s disheartening to hear that. I guess it’s because the changes work better within the context of the whole novel but they don’t what comes next. Still, it’s the first chapter so I want it to be perfect.

Lately I’ve been craving fish which is wack because I don’t eat fish, ever (well except for deep fried and battered flake). I might try some for lunch tomorrow. The fish shop near work does scallop kebabs. That could be yum. Just have to check out the fat content.


8 responses to “Blood

  1. Stick to your ideas!!!!
    I had nigthmarish experiences with both changing my own writing resulutions AND seeing others changing it. One girl I worked with was in charge of writing an editorial. She rewrote it over 10 times AFTER submitting it to me for publication. It was a true nightmare!
    I think nobody but you can really decide on how YOUR thoughts and ideas should be best written: yes, they can give advice, but you should listen only to what rings true to you!
    I support you all the way!

  2. I agree with “t”, stick to what you think is right. In everything in life we have to be true to ourselves first and foremost.
    Yum for scrambled eggs. I had to do the same last week when I had a heap of tests done, I hate fasting and it nearly killed me. I can’t believe I used to be a no breakfast person, now I just can’t do without it.
    Hope your results come back okay.

  3. Nope, can’t skip breakfast – sure way to bring on a massive attack of the grumps!

  4. I never skip breakfast. I would go on a feeding frenzy if I had to wait until 10.00 to eat!!

    And I don’t eat fish either and have never had any desire to (apart from canned tuna)!

    Strange how we get cravings for things sometimes!

  5. I would love to be a writer. I always loved creative writing projects at school and I love reading (when I can find a good book..any suggestions?)

    Stick with how you feel about it, it’s all there up in your head and you know as you said how it all fits in.

    Listen to me talking about something I know nothing about lol


  6. no idea how people skip brekky, I certainly can’t!
    dont worry about what others think of your chapter, as u say,they have to read the whole book to understand & u have to stay true to what u feel

  7. You should try salmon steaks.. they are GREAT! mmmm
    I can’t skip breakfast either. I get all shakey and sleepy. Especially if i’ve been to gym that morning (but then its just plain stupid to skip breakfast on those days).
    Your writing is YOURS!!! Do what you feel is right πŸ™‚

  8. Mmm, fish. Now I feel like fish and chips! Watching my partner go through his revisions etc. I feel for you and you’re right, they don’t know what comes next but it’s good to get some objective opinions on the first chapter. It will help you cement more of your own ideas or if need be, work on it a bit more to make sure readers “get it” and feel the desire to keep reading. Writers man, it’s so weird living with you people LOL πŸ˜›

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